Campus Winner
Month: February 2010


Residence Life Professional Staff of the Month

School: Roger Williams University Region: NEACURH
Nominee: Dr. Amiee Shelton Nominator: Carol Sacchetti

On-Campus Population: 2800 Chapter Size: 15

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Professor Amiee Shelton teaches public relations courses here at Roger Williams University, but her dedication to her students goes far beyond the classroom. As advisor to the 2010 Kohler Competition team, the 2010 Bateman Competition team, and the Roger Williams University PRSSA Chapter, Professor Shelton provides insight and support for the public relations students at all hours. She is experienced in the PR field and guides her students in the right direction with her "tough love" mentality. Professor Shelton's classes are known as some of the most difficult, but also the ones in which students learn the most. Amiee Shelton makes a strong effort to be involved in student's lives outside of class in order to understand their career goals. She regularly posts job and internship listings on her blogs and informs students of specific job opportunities that pertain to their specific interests. She takes students on annual educational trips to Boston, Los Angelos and New York City in order to meet with well known public relations firms and departments in those areas. Multiple students over the last few years have meet people through these trips who are now their employers. Many internship opportunities have also arisen because of contacts made during these trips. Amiee Shelton's dedication to the many groups and individual students which she advises makes her the perfect candidate for RWU Advisor of the month.

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