Month: April 2010


Residential Community of the Month

School: Indiana University of Pennsylvania at Punxsutawney Region: CAACURH
Nominee: Fairman Centre Nominator: Nichole Fest

On-Campus Population: 400 Chapter Size: 0

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

The Fairman Centre at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania at Punxsutawney Campus is an unique place. It is a 3 story building which has kitchens for the Culinary School on the 1st floor, classrooms on the 2nd floor, and residents living on the 3rd floor. The residential community in the Fairman Centre includes 20 Culinary Residents and 1 Graduate Assistant. This community is a close knit community that has built a strong relationship over the past year. During the month of April, you were able to see how close knit they were.

The Graduate Assistant, Crystal, is allowed to have a cat in their apartment since they are considered a professional staff member. On April 18th, her cat fell out of her 3rd floor window to a cement ground and ran off. The entire Fairman Centre community came out to look for the cat. The cat was found in a hole in the wall next to where he had fallen. The cat was then taken to an emergency vet and brought back home. While Crystal was overcoming the issues with her cat, each resident made a sign for the cat and graduate assistant and posted the signs around the door. The signs consisted of Get Well Zorro, We missed you Zorro, Silly Zorro cats can’t fly, etc.. It was great to see how the community came to support their Crystal and her cat, Zorro.

Then on the 19th, Crystal found out that Zorro cracked his pelvis in half and he will need to have surgery that would cost $1000 or have in attempt to heal on his own which they will know in two weeks. The residents quickly approached the RD about doing fundraising to help raise money for Zorro’s surgery in case he doesn’t heal on his own. The RD asked the community if Zorro doesn’t need the surgery then they will donate the money to Four Footed Friends and Animal Humane Society. The RD supported the residents in their fundraising efforts. By the end of April, they raised about $500! In addition, they found out that Zorro was a miracle and didn’t need to have surgery. However, they continue to sell and raise money for the animal shelters as they all have a love for animals.

Not only did the residents raise money for animals but they also raised money for the Ronald McDonald House through participating in Penny Wars with the Living Center floors. The Fairman Centre residents came together to get as many pennies as they can to raise money for their floor to win the prize of a pizza party and be able to help contribute to the Ronald McDonald House. The Fairman Centre residents were impressive and won over the 3 other floors which had 36 to 52 residents on their floors.

Not only did the residents raise money but they had many get togethers this month! There is a lounge area in the Fairman Centre where the residents have gathered daily. They are in the lounge so often together that when I was done there in April, I found that they keep their Xboxes, Playstations, and Wiis out in the lounge for anyone to play. What community do you really feel safe in to leave those items out?

It is obvious that the Fairman Centre is a close knit and tight community who will come together for anything. They have been truly inspirational through their fundraising efforts this month. And it is with that I believe they deserve to be recognized for Community of the Month.

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