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Month: October 2010


Organization of the Month

School: New Mexico State University Region: IACURH
Nominee: TETWP Committee Nominator: Amber Hudson

On-Campus Population: 3707 Chapter Size: 15

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

I would like to say how amazing this year's TETWP (Tough Enough to Wear Pink) week has been! You can tell that they put hundreds of hours of work into making this week phenomenal. This committee is chaired by some phenomenal ladies who have all been diagnosed with breast cancer and are survivors. Pat Sisbaro (co-owner of one of the dealerships in town, Magellia Boston (wife of the Director of Athletics) and Laura Coniff (Regent of the University), and Mary Henson (wife of our famous basketball coach Lou Henson). The committee is a group of volunteers from all over the University and city of Las Cruces, including our own Residence Hall Association and the Housing and Residential Life Professional Staff.

It started on Sunday with Volleyball game. There were countless pink shirts in the crowd.

On Monday night, Debbie Horwitz gave a presentation on her battle with breast cancer and her reconstructive surgery. This got her national recognition for the book that she wrote with her doctor and a photographer about the process of reconstructive surgery. It was very inspiring to hear her story. There were about 30 to 40 people in attendance at this one session of many.

Tuesday night there were no words for. It was the Pink Dinner and Silent Auction. Our dining facility, Taos, here on campus was decked out in pink! Pink balloons, streamers, table cloths, and lots more. Taos's staff really out did themselves not only with the decorations but with all the pink food. Anything that they could put pink food coloring in and still be edible was. Ranging from the mashed potatoes to the ranch dressing. The silent auction went very well, they recieved donations from all over the city and was able to raise alot of money!

Wednesday night was very moving. They had arranged and had been selling pink luminaries at several local business for about two weeks. They purchased over 3000 "Team Pink" bags and over 2500 of them were bought to remember loved ones that have either survived Breast Cancer or have passed away. All these bags were then filled with sand a candle that was placed on the football field. It was an amazing sight to see all of these bags lite up on the football field!

Thursday night was the Glow in the dark Volleyball game. A lot of students turned out to play. There was music and lights and glow in the dark balls, it was cool.

Friday night was the Pep Rally were there was the pink car smashing, this was painted by the Housing Staff and was parked on the "I-mall" for everyone to see before the smashing began. There was also an amazing band that got everyone dancing and in good spirits. There was also all kinds of pink food for everyone to eat.

Saturday's game against our rivals was awesome. Not only was it a good game but the half time show showcased the TETWP committee. This week's Pink Events raised over $560,000 for the Cowboys for Cancer Research.

I wanted to nominate the TETWP Committee for their hard work and how amazing this year's Pink week was.

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