Regional Winner
Month: November 2010


Student of the Month

School: New Mexico State University Region: IACURH
Nominee: Terriana Shaw Nominator: DeSean Payne

On-Campus Population: 3707 Chapter Size: 15

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

I had my first run in with Terriana ‘Candi’ Shaw when she was running for a hall council position at the beginning of the year and she was running on the slogan “Vote for me, people call me Candi ‘cause I’m sweet!” And she has yet to disprove that statement. Terriana had no idea whether or not she would be attending IACURH 2010.She had been on the alternates list, and yet she still attended every meeting. She volunteered to be committee chair for the spirit committee to help even if she didn’t attend the conference. When financial troubles hit our residence hall organization, our original delegation of 18 had to be dropped to 5 people. The delegation got to vote on who they believed should go to the conference, and the entire delegation was unanimous in their decision to send the freshman committee chair. After she was voted to go to IACURH, Terriana promised the delegation that she would represent them well, and she did. At the conference she was spirited and beyond social. She led the roll call committee and coordinated all of the amazing outfits for the entire conference. She was in complete charge of our roll call with all of her stepping and energy. She worked the crowd. After the conference, she created a Facebook group for the people who attended IACURH to keep in contact. When she was at IACURH she was one of the most enthused people around. She was networking and friendly, staying up at all hours of the night, meeting new people.

Even though Terriana is a freshman in her first semester at school, she has aimed the highest in all she has done. She immediately got involved in her hall council, where she was elected as Hall Secretary. Her duties have gone beyond her secretarial duties though. She has, in the past month, led her council to distribute interest surveys to her residents. Through these she better understands the needs of the residents and along with her IACURH experience, plans on putting on programs that are beneficial to her residents. In her hall she has also been a major contributor in making sure her executive board stays motivated. She is now working on remodeling an upstairs lobby to make it more appealing. She is organizing for new furniture, newly painted walls, and fresh ideas. This only shows her dedication for the betterment of her residents in her first year. Most recently, Terriana has agreed to become finance chair for the No Frills 2012 bid our school is writing. While I warned her that the finance chair was the person who got the most scrutinized during bid presentation, she still agreed to take on the great feat as a freshman. She even said she is willing to be finance chair even if she isn’t part of the bid team that gets to present at No Frills 2011. I have complete faith that Terriana will complete her tasks in a timely and effective manner because she is one of the best team players and leaders that this university has seen. It is agreed on by the RHA executive board that Terriana is one of the best student leaders that has come into our residence halls this year.

As NCC, I could never be more proud of any delegate I had taken to a conference. She is always cheerful, and she never fails to assist when it is needed. Terriana ‘Candi’ Shaw is sweet, professional, supportive, energetic, and deserves to be the Student of the Month.

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