Month: November 2010


Residential Community of the Month

School: Purdue University Region: GLACURH
Nominee: Cary Quadrangle Southwest One Nominator: Maxwell Alexander

On-Campus Population: 11500 Chapter Size: 30

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Outstanding cannot begin to describe the presence of community, fellowship, and universal consideration present in Cary Southwest One this Month. Toward the beginning of the month, several residents realized that our floor had many students not participating in floor events. I believe that the spirit of guys in Cary SW1 has always been inclusive, but this month has benchmarked a new level of commitment.

This month there have been several new programs organized completely by various residents on the floor. Starting about 4 weeks ago, every Sunday night, residents knock on doors in the hall recruiting people to attend a “Diversity Dinner”. Each week the residents able to go will select a different culturally themed restaurant to eat at. The goal of the floor is to recruit at least one person whom is culturally experienced with that particular type of food so that they can have discussions relating the food to the “real thing”. During these weekly endeavors, our community has expanded and enriched itself by including more international and multi-cultural residents.

There was some discussion toward the beginning of the month on how many of our residents were eating alone. For several weeks, residents will now make nightly rounds inviting members of our floor and other floors to dinner. Since the new dinner endeavors, residents of Cary Southwest One rarely eat dinner with less than 20 other residents sitting at their table. This environment of community has become contagious inspiring many from other floors to join in the nightly routine.

Just when I thought things couldn’t go much better for out floor, I noticed yet another new endeavor by my residents. Residents noticed that they were in many of the same courses/majors and as finals were approaching needed more opportunities to share ideas and knowledge. About midway through November, floor study groups started popping up for various courses. I now frequently find residents crowing into various rooms to study popular subjects with other residents. I have noticed active integration of all members of our floor and help is given to all that need it.

Weekend evenings are no exception to a bustling community on our floor. Most residents choose to stay in and participate in whatever floor events that have been planned. Various residents take turns planning events and fun activities to do on popular social nights. These have included: Video game contests, movies, bowling, pool tournaments, Euchre tournaments, and holiday decorating to just name a few.

As a cherry on the Sunday, over Thanksgiving break when most residents returned home, international students and domestic students unable to return home organized a trip to Washington DC. as a floor. While in Washington, The students on the trip met up with a resident from that area for a Thanksgiving dinner with his family. For some, this would be the first celebration of this nature. Most weeknights and weekends you will find that the majority of doors on the floor are open and welcoming, and those that are closed are often because the occupants are busy visiting another room. We now have a sustained community of understanding and integration. I believe the residents have done a fantastic job at making the very best of their time here, and actively working to improve their personal development. I can say with absolute confidence that the community of Cary Southwest One is likely one of the best college living environments in the world. I am honored to be a member of this thriving community, and I am honored to present it to you as an ideal candidate for November Community of the Month!

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