Regional Winner
Month: February 2011


First Year Student of the Month

School: SUNY New Paltz Region: NEACURH
Nominee: Andie Petrillo Nominator: Kyle Fassett

On-Campus Population: 2700 Chapter Size: 26

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

So You Think You Can … be Andie Petrillo. This extraordinary first year student takes the spotlight in the month of February as she dances around the Deyo Residence Hall, bringing joy to all of those who get the opportunity to see her perform in action.

Being on the New Paltz Dance Team, she practices rigorously, and for large quantities of time for her routines, sometimes up to 3 times per week. She dances and cheers for both the women’s and men’s basketball teams, raising spirit and fostering a greater sense of the entire school’s pride. This month alone she performed over 5 times, helping bring home some victories!

Earning her a 10 out 10 for Extra Curricular involvement!

She stops by the RA office daily during duty hours to check in and simply say “hello,” bringing smiles to our faces. She’ll often sit with us, helping out with menial tasks and keep us company. When we don’t have enough time to grab dinner before our shift, she’ll run out and get us a bite at the dining hall. Being extremely friendly and helpful are just two of the many traits that she exhibits.

Getting her a 10 out of 10 for her Personality!

Participating actively in our hall, she comes to our programs on a weekly basis. She is one of the residents in the building that rounds up all of the others to have fun. For example this month, she got her whole suite and section of the building to come play Kama Sutra Charades, acting out many obscene and hilarious sex positions. This just shows her outgoing and enthusiastic personality, which brought viewers joy, and helped break the ice for some of our shyer residents.

For this act she gets a 10 out of 10 for Community Building!

As a first year student, she has to take many classes that are out of her element, the general education requirements. Now in February as the semester has started, she is challenged with these new classes. However, this does not faze her as she studies hard and visits professor’s office hours for help when needed. This demonstrates her commitment to academic success and amazing her work ethic.

This makes her an A student getting her 10 out of 10!

She often jokes about how she thinks that she is our favorite resident or how she should be resident of the month in our hall. While I can’t choose a favorite resident, I can definitely see by her perfect scores that she deserves to receive the First Year Student Of The Month Award for February.

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