Regional Honorable Mention
Month: February 2011


Resident Assistant of the Month

School: SUNY New Paltz Region: NEACURH
Nominee: Sabrina Adikes Nominator: Jessica Fiorillo

On-Campus Population: 2700 Chapter Size: 26

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

“A baby’s gotta do what a baby’s gotta do”- Tommy Pickles (Rugrats)

Sabrina is a leader on this campus who does anything she can to be a great Resident Assistant. Sabrina Adikes is a Resident Assistant in my Hall and during the month of February Sabrina has exemplified the qualities of a true leader. Although she is not a baby who lives in a playpen all day getting into trouble, to Sabrina New Paltz is her playpen and her adventures include being supportive and inspiring the people around her.

Like Tommy Pickles Sabrina is a true leader. During the month of February Sabrina has become my Resident Assistant Buddy for Hall Government and I have seen how wonderful of a person she is. She is very attentive to the people around her and is always very supportive. She takes the time to talk to everyone she meets and is genuinely interested in their lives, and I think that that is a rare characteristic to find in a person.

Tommy Pickles is also extremely passionate and never gives up in his endeavors, regardless of what they might be. I have seen this characteristic in Sabrina because during the month of February I had the opportunity to see Sabrina perform her Slam Poetry routine. She spoke a beautiful poem about something in her life that meant a lot to her and her passion for poetry and the message she was trying to convey was inspirational. Not only did she perform in this regional competition, but she and her group went on a tour to the residence halls bringing their passions all around our campus, helping to build community.

No matter what or where Tommy is he is always carrying around his screwdriver, which he uses in all situations making him, prepared for anything. Sabrina is always prepared to deal with her residents and commits 100% to our hall. I am lucky enough to have Sabrina as my own Resident Assistant and she does so many small acts of kindness just to make us feel special, which always brightens mine and other resident’s day. In the month of February Sabrina made us all super bowl goodie bags and really went out of our way to wish us all a happy day. Her positivity and creativity make Sabrina a true leader on our campus and I love learning how to be a true leader from her.

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