Month: March 2011


Organization of the Month

School: Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville Region: GLACURH
Nominee: Prairie Hall RA Staff Nominator: Kolby Spiker

On-Campus Population: 3500 Chapter Size: 35

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

I am nominating the Resident Assistant staff at Prairie Hall for Organization of the month for March 2011 for their passionate endeavors in engaging residents and taking a lead role in bettering the community.

The Resident Assistants (RAs) at Prairie Hall assumed a huge role in taking on two large programs that created a supportive department and community. The month of March proved to be one of Prairie Hall's busiest and most successful months of this academic year. In the month of March, the RA staff were contracted to an overwhelming amount of personal duties, as well as staff duties - including: bulletin boards, Spring Break community meetings, launch of a housing satisfaction survey, intentional interactions, and 2 building-wide programs. The RA staff at Prairie Hall graciously took on all of these tasks with one week less than normal due to Spring Break.

Along with the amazing things that happened in Prairie Hall from the 11 individual RAs, the group came together for two daunting programs: St. Baldrick's Fundraiser and Prairie Shore Boardwalk. The RA staff was split into two groups to tackle the formal and social program. Each group met prior to beginning of March to ensure the residents of Prairie Hall would be offered the opportunity to participate in two quality programs.

The March formal program group met with an idea from an individual RA, Tori Taylor, about combining efforts with the St. Baldrick's organization to assist in raising money for research in childhood cancer. To ensure this program was a success, the RA staff of Prairie Hall reached out to every area of housing and recruited committee members. A Prairie Hall RA went to each area's staff meeting, RHA, and NRHH to talk about the program and pump up excitement for the program. The planning payed off when the end of fundraising was marked by an event at the campus' University Center on March 17. At the event, residents and non- residents were entertained by multiple bands, shaving of heads in conjunction with the St. Baldrick's motto: "Brave the Shave", and merchandise tables. The program resulted in a total of $3,857.51 with 34 people shaving their heads to support the fight for childhood cancer research. The total attendance of the program was around 150 residents and countless passersby.

All while the March formal was being planned and implemented, the other half of Prairie Hall RAs were planning a social for the residents. To ensure a great attendance, the RAs tapped into the residents' wants and interests of Prairie Shore. The season finale was held in the month of March so the RA staff wanted to hold a program that would bring out residents once the season ended. A boardwalk theme was discussed where residents would be able to walk the shores of Prairie Hall and play their favorite games, mimicking their favorite cast playing games seen on Jersey Shore. The RA staff built many of the 8 games offered at the event and put in many hours working towards the program. over 150 came to play their favorite carnival games, eat cotton candy and popcorn, and interact with their fellow residents.

The RA group at Prairie Hall deserves to be recognized for their countless hours put into the planning, execution, and evaluation of the programs held in the month of March. The RA staff came together to support each other and provide quality service to their residents. The impact made on the residents, housing community, and SIUE community made by the Prairie Hall RAs was outstanding and deserves due recognition.

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