Month: February 2005


Resident Assistant of the Month

School: Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville Region: GLACURH
Nominee: Katie Vogel Nominator: Matt Crouse

On-Campus Population: 3000 Chapter Size: n/a

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Being a fourth year resident assistant is a challenging task: keeping yourself motivated and constantly challenging yourself to higher quality work each time. Katie Vogel went over and above her job expectations in the month of February. She has really mentored several of her students who are leaders, executed the Illinois State Resident Assistant Association 2005 Conference (as a co-chair), helped in the planning and advising of 3 major programs, and worked to recognize SIUE through her nomination of outstanding leaders and writing of Program of the Year and School of the Year bids.

Katie Vogel is already an impressive resident assistant. During February, her educational bulletin boards further proved her commitment to educational activities that challenge her residents. Her bulletin board of slavery, in celebration of black history month, challenged her residents to step into the role of a slave and realize they were a commodity. The board was excellent placed and expertly researched (Katie is a former history major). While educational bulletin boards are a part of Katie’s job responsibilities, the level of quality exhibited in this board went far beyond the expectations of undergraduate staff.

Katie has mentored and advised several hall council leaders. Hall Council implemented its Superbowl Party and began planning “Tunnel of Oppression” and solidifying its “New Orleans Trip.” Katie has been a behind-the-scenes player in the planning of each of these events. She has helped tremendously with advertising. She is also strong in area of helping the residents reflect through tough questions about the planning process. Katie really helps our developing leaders work step- by-step through the program planning process. She is a huge asset to me as an advisor and a mentor to our leaders. Katie has helped two of the three groups write co-sponsorship applications for our Residence Housing Association. She also advocated in RHA for these proposals.

Katie is also the RA liaison to RHA, a position she voluntarily holds. Throughout the month of February, Katie has been instrumental in helping our RHA and hall council leaders edit their Program of the Year bid. Katie worked for several hours editing and re-working parts of the winning IRHA 2005 Program of the Year bid for Box City 2004. I can safely say that Katie’s effort probably pushed the bid from possible contender to winning effort with her additional help. She really helped Ankur, one of our first year leaders, sell and refine his message about the program.

Amazingly, Katie also spearheaded the hosting of the ISRAA 2005 conference at SIUE. Over 130 delegates attended strong programming sessions that Katie put together. She organized most of the program tracks and helped judge the top 10 programs. Katie was the motivator and coach of the team and really helped the conference host team be cohesive and excited throughout the conference. Katie also helped to write several Most Outstanding Leader and Most Outstanding Program nominations for SIUE. She helped several resident assistants efforts get recognized as SIUE took him about 8 individual awards in these categories! Katie also spearheaded the winning ISRAA School of the Year bid for SIUE in the week previous to the conference. During the conference, Katie and her co-chair, Kara, were also recognized with Most Outstanding Leader awards.

During the month of February, Katie was a huge asset to the SIUE leadership community. Her efforts benefited her residents, hall council, RHA, and the Illinois RA community. For all her efforts beyond the job description of an RA, Katie is definitely deserving of February 2005 RA of the Month!

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