Campus Winner
Month: October 2011


Student of the Month

School: University of North Dakota Region: MACURH
Nominee: Tony Ogborn Nominator: Alex Holte

On-Campus Population: 3042 Chapter Size: 30

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Throughout the Month of October, Tony Ogborn has been very active in the affairs of the residence halls. As the Smith Hall Programming Rep, he is constantly planning activities for the hall. You'd think with all the programming activities, it would be tough for Tony to be involved with the affairs of our hall government meetings. You'd be mistaken as Tony always seems to be on multiple committees focused on initiating projects for the hall. This month Tony created 6 hall t-shirt designs for us to vote on. All the designs were crafted very well and it's safe to say Smith Hall will be sporting one of the better hall t-shirts this year. Tony also lead a new initiative focused on accomplishing the task of making the residents of the hall more social and friendly. This initiative will start in November and looks promising due to the hard work Tony put in it. He has also had great participation on our hall projects. His efforts assisted in the creation of our hall's recycled mascot entry and homecoming float. Chances are if there is a program done in Smith Hall, Tony would have had some involvement on it.

Tony has also had a lot of participation with his duties as a Programming Board Member. With the assistance of activities for both the homecoming dance and the Dine of the Dead event, Tony has been hard at work for a good part of this month. His hard work paid off well as both events were a great success. As the President of Smith Hall, I am very proud to have Tony as our Programming Rep. I have seen firsthand the endless amount of dedication Tony has for his commitments as an active member of Hall Government. While some Hall Presidents have to deal with their Board Members missing their meetings, Tony is an exception as he always attends his meetings. He is always in a good mood and is really easy to get along with. I as well as the rest of Smith hall take great pride in nominating Tony Ogborn for an Of The Month Award. This has been one of the easiest OTM's for me to write and this is due to the excellence Tony displayed in October. Please consider Mr Ogborn for an Of The Month award, for he certainly deserves it.

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