Campus Winner
Month: January 2012


Spotlight of the Month

School: University of North Dakota Region: MACURH
Nominee: Smith Hall Building Service Technicians Nominator: Alex J. Holte

On-Campus Population: 3042 Chapter Size: 30

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

The Building Service Technicians (BST's) of Smith Hall have done amazing job this past school year. They do a great job keeping the halls clean everyday thus making the hall a better place. The reason I am nominating them for this month isn't just because of a amazing quality of work they do, but also because they are very kind and friendly to the residences. In fact, each morning as I walk through the halls to my first class, the BST on my floor wishes me a good morning. This thoughtfulness is a daily occurrence that is a great way to start a day. Please consider the Smith Hall BST's for an Of the Month Award, they most certainly deserve it for all the efforts they have put into making Smith Hall a better place to live.

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