Month: April 2005


Student of the Month

School: Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville Region: GLACURH
Nominee: Adam Pallai Nominator: Matt Crouse

On-Campus Population: 3000 Chapter Size:

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Usually, hall council programming begins to wane as the Spring semester progresses; however, that has not been the case in Bluff Hall due largely impart to the motivation, organization, and dedication of Adam Pallai. Adam is not a member of the hall council executive board and only joined in late November to help with hall council. April has been a very huge month for Adam. He has planned and executed a Hall trip to New Orleans, helped our campus activities board organize and publicize two early April events, and planned and executed Summer Surge with the other members of hall council and the Bluff Hall RA staff. He has accomplished this in addition to being elected to the Campus Activities Board chairmanship for next year and maintaining his academics in environmental engineering.

On April 4-7, 2005, Adam led 50 students and 3 chaperones to New Orleans, Louisiana. Through the planning of his committee of about 5 students, they organized an educational weekend that included an educational tour of the National D-Day Museum and a day at the French Quarter Jazz Festival. While the students did an excellent job of handling the logistics before the trip, several issues arose with the hotel and the shuttle services that were promised. Adam dealt with hotel management in a very professional, but firm manager. He showed great poise under pressure, as several of the well-laid plans he had taken care and double check found some difficulty. Being the strong leader and communicator, Adam was able to keep many of these problems from the sight of the student attendees. When the committee received back their Trip evaluations, students commented what a great time they had and indicated how impressed they were with all Adam had done to make their trip more enjoyable. In fact, the students were already talking about where they could go next year on the bus ride back from New Orleans. Showing follow-up and excellent leadership, Adam even went back to the hotels we stayed in and has negotiated some of the money back we paid, because he thought we werenít being as good a steward of studentsí dollar. The hotel has agreed and is giving us back 15% of what we paid.

In April, Adam was also a huge asset for Campus Activities Board and the entertainment committee. He was one of the students who went all over the residence halls at SIUE and put advertising up on every studentís bathroom door. He helped the chairperson plan the event and tried to get more attendance from students. CAB benefited greatly with two very well attended programs: the Mystery Dinner on Friday and April Fools Day party later that week.

Finally, Adam was a huge part of the success for Bluff Hallís Summer Surge program on April 28, 2005. Bluff Hall Council has had pretty bad luck with outdoor events this year, usually getting rained out and thus suffering in attendance. With a well-laid outdoor plan, Bluff was set to have an excellent event; however, rain again threatened to damper the attendance. Adam helped to tailor the event to a more indoor venue, helping to set up a dodgeball tournament in the Multifunction room to replace an outdoor Volleyball tournament. He also helped get all the correct supplies to set up the Slip-n-Slide. Finally, he managed to get all the drinks donated to the event from the Campus Activities Board; a huge financial help. The event was very successful and drew over 250 of the 500 students in Bluff.

Adam has been tremendous and very worthy of April Student of the Month.

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