Campus Winner
Month: August 2012


Advisor of the Month

School: Eastern Illinois University Region: GLACURH
Nominee: Jessica Ward Nominator: Phillip Roughton

On-Campus Population: 4520 Chapter Size: 30

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

For the month of August, I strongly feel that Jessica Ward, Residential Director of Taylor Hall, deserves to be recognized. As a first year RA, I had numerous and significant concerns about how the training process would go and how I would face these challenges. Jessica was able to eliminate these fears with her personality and her ability to make the RA role seem more like a natural transition than a new job with new and numerous responsibilities. Her training style was insightful, practical, and with a level of humor and fun that eased my nerves. She motivated me and my colleagues through recognition of success, augmented with constructive criticism that made us grow and learn. She was (and still is) patient and understanding when it came to learning policy. Jessica was also able to relate my status as a transfer student to the importance of the RA position. She attacked her job with a professionalism that was rivaled only by her ability to make any situation fun. I honestly feel that the future success I may have as a resident assistant, as well as whatever impact I am able to have on my residents is a direct result of the training I received by Jessica (or JWard as I like to call her). For these reasons, I feel that Jessica Ward should be recognized for her continued commitment to the students of Eastern Illinois University.

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