Campus Winner
Month: August 2012


Spotlight of the Month

School: Eastern Illinois University Region: GLACURH
Nominee: Shooky Nominator: Jacob Deters

On-Campus Population: 4520 Chapter Size: 30

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Weller Hall welcomed a new building service worker (BSW) during the month of August. Shooky was so excited to be placed in Weller. As a RA in Weller hall, I got the privilege to meet him and see him in action before the school year began. His light hearted and funny personality makes him a great fit for Weller Hall. After the old BSW, Pee Wee, retired last year, it was going to be hard to find someone to top Pee Wee’s personality. Shooky takes the time to talk to the residents and makes sure our days are going well. His work ethic in the hall is strong and is efforts are noted in how clean the hall is. This month he really is starting to become part of the community. The RAs have had a couple things that have needed to be fixed, and he is always on top of it getting it fixed as soon as he can, and sometimes every noticing it himself and getting it accomplished. Another great thing he has shown this month is his recognition toward the floor. He came up personally to me and told me to pass along to my floor that he really appreciates how the guys have kept the floor clean and well taken care of. He said it makes his job easier and he wishes more floors would keep their community as clean as ours. I passed on this info to my floor and the guys were very appreciative that he thought that of them. This early praise in the semester will even make my job as easier building community by having a respectful and clean floor. Residents know him, and I think this will result in a more proud feeling in the hall. By getting to know the man that is helping keeping our hall clean, a stronger community is built. Shooky’s early morning whistles down the hall keeps us in a great mood. It is real hard to frown when Shooky is around.

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