Campus Winner
Month: August 2012


Executive Board Member of the Month

School: Eastern Illinois University Region: GLACURH
Nominee: Josh Yaeger Nominator: Colleen Murphy

On-Campus Population: 4520 Chapter Size: 20

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

During the month of August, Josh Yaeger has proved to be an excellent addition to the Taylor Hall Council Executive Board. You would never know that Josh has had no previous Hall Council or Exec Board experience, because he has tackled his position like a pro. During opening, Josh used his friendly and approachable personality to encourage both new students and their families to buy Taylor Hall t-shirts. Through his efforts, he helped sell almost 60 shirts in just the first day. He was also both engaging and helpful as a desk assistant, aiding the panther pals, new students, and families with anything and everything they might need. For Taylor Hall’s opening Hall Council program on August 21st, we staged a Murder Mystery, in which the RA’s acted out a skit ending with one RA killing another. This program would have been impossible if not for Josh. After discussing ideas and plans, Josh took the initiative and single-handedly wrote the script for the RA’s to follow. It was both effective in telling the story, and absolutely hilarious. We had a turn-out of almost 50 students, and thanks to Josh’s fabulous script, they got their fair share of laughs, and hopefully had a great time. Josh has also begun work with the Lawson vice-president on plans for our first Taylor-Lawson complex program, Speed-Friending, scheduled for September 25th and we are very much looking forward to a great LaTay program thanks to his hard work. I can’t say enough about how great Josh is both as a person and a vice-president. He makes it his number one priority to be kind and friendly to everyone, whether he knows them or not, and that kind of personality is exactly what we need on our exec board. He has been nothing but helpful and welcoming to our brand new exec board, as well as first time Hall Council attendees. Without him keeping the atmosphere light hearted and fun, the first few weeks of preparation would have been far less enjoyable. Josh has made such a difference just within the first few weeks of school, and Taylor Hall is lucky to have him as our vice president this year.

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