Month: September 2012


Advisor of the Month

School: Southern Illinois University - Carbondale Region: GLACURH
Nominee: Travis Gibler Nominator: Justin Schuch

On-Campus Population: 5000 Chapter Size: 6

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does. ~William James

Decades ago, American philosopher William James shared his notion of making a difference in the world around you. Understanding the change others hope for in the world often lays in the mirror, Mr. James’ outlook still rings true today. A living example of this resides in one of the advisors for the Residence Hall Association here on campus at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Mr. Travis Gibler, a graduate student in the College Student Personnel Program, serves the Residence Hall Association as one of the most dedicated and impactful individuals the association has ever seen. Throughout the month of September, Travis Gibler has raised the bar and redefined what it means to be a first rate advisor.

During the beginning of the month of September, Travis dove into his advising role, reaching out to the entire executive board as solid support for their endeavors. Already finding a masterful balance between challenge and support for the leaders of the Residence Hall Association, Travis spent numerous hours working with the executive board. Conversations about diving into course work, balanced with insightful approaches to programming and advice for the executive board, Travis ensured each board member was developing a great understanding of their roles during the first two weeks of September. During the third week of the month, Travis produced new binders and resources for board members. These provided the Residence Hall Association leaders new ideas for programming, running a meeting, and how to connect residents all across campus. Travis took this seemingly simple task and truly evolved resources which would best serve each board member. With every conversation and action had throughout the month of September revolving around the Residence Hall Association, Travis Gibler made sure to treat each as though he knew he could help make a positive difference.

Travis also portrayed a deep understanding of the fact great advisors commit themselves fully. During the middle of the month, the Residence Hall Association Executive Board meetings needed to be moved to better accommodate class schedules. Travis spent countless hours aiming to get six different student leaders’ schedules to work. When the time came, Travis committed himself to the new board meeting time of 7:00AM. Few other advisors can claim they are dedicated enough to have weekly meetings at 7:00AM. On top of late night classes, running to general assembly meetings and programs after class, homework, and other work related commitments, Travis had no problem raising and shining for the Residence Hall Association throughout the month of September.

On top of his Residence Hall Association advising duties, Travis also portrayed his commitment to creating positive differences on campus by assisting develop and lead “Teambuilderpalooza.” This event, dedicated to bringing all of the Area Councils on campus of Southern Illinois University Carbondale together, gave upcoming leaders a chance to have a good time and build stronger connections across campus. Travis took time out of his schedule to research and develop over an hour of team builders and icebreakers. Occurring the last Wednesday of the month, Travis truly dedicate to making a difference throughout the month of September.

This month, none can claim dedication and determination to helping their advisees as Travis Gibler. Travis worked tirelessly throughout September to make positive differences in those he interacts. From supporting board members, dedicating extra time to the Residence Hall Association, and even lending time to other organizations, Travis worked to develop countless experiences throughout the month. Truly a living example of Mr. James’ view, Travis has a great understanding of his impact.

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