Campus Winner
Month: January 2013


Student of the Month

School: The University of Texas at Dallas Region: SWACURH
Nominee: Melanie Nguyen Nominator: Molly Leadbeater

On-Campus Population: 3100 Chapter Size: 31

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Melanie currently serves as the President of the Pre-Dental Association at UT Dallas, after previously serving as an officer for 3 years. January was her first month after finding out about her acceptance into dental school after graduation but did not let that distract her from her commitment to the organization.

In addition to her presidential duties, Melanie has continued to help other officers complete their duties and help members with any requests they may have. She began planning for this semester immediately, contacting the officers before classes even began to begin scheduling officer meetings and organization events. Melanie also took it upon herself to reserve rooms for the organization meetings this semester, look at officer schedules to find times that work for everyone to meet, and contact campus staff to inquire further information for her plans this semester. She met with numerous office staff, campus representatives, and even other organization president’s to present some of her new ideas that she hopes to carry out this semester. This month she has also begun planning for Miles For Smiles, the organization’s biggest event, which doesn’t occur until April. She has given fellow officers their duties for the semester and started her last semester as President off strong!

Throughout the month, Melanie has stayed in touch with her fellow officers of Pre-Dental Association weekly-if not daily-making sure that designated responsibilities are completed before courses become more difficult or officers get behind in their specific tasks. Melanie is very active not only via phone, but via email, on the organization’s Facebook page, and on the organization’s website.

In addition to the Pre-Dental Association, Melanie is a full time student, holds a job at a dental office, and participates in other organizations on campus. She even holds additional leadership positions in FOCUS, the Fellowship of Christian University Students on campus. With this being her last semester of undergraduate studies, none of these commitments have weakened. This month she has even made time for more social outings for friends, how she has slept in these past four weeks is beyond me!

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