Month: February 2013


Spotlight of the Month

School: Indiana University of Pennsylvania Region: CAACURH
Nominee: Everyone Matters at IUP Nominator: Nichole Fest

On-Campus Population: 4400 Chapter Size: 44

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Everyone Matters at IUP started with a group of four students(1 community assistant, 2 hall council executives, 1 resident) and the Residence Director (RD) assisting them who want to promote nonjudgment and encourage others to accept others for who they are! This idea started after hearing about another local university doing it on their campus in November.

Everyone Matters is a global social media campaign encouraging inclusivity and non-judgment of others. At IUP we treat each other with civility, dignity and respect. Everyone Matters brings together under one banner EVERYONE who is judged and stereotyped by how they look and/if/or what group they may belong to – black, white, gay, straight, male, female, disabled, senior, overweight, religious and ethnic, whomever.

Even though the group started last semester, nothing really happened until the Spring semester. When the four students came back, they were very eager to make the campaign happen.

Throughout the month of February the group met every week and completed the following tasks:

•They made a facebook page on February 6 and launched it officially on February 13:

•The facebook page consisted of posts embracing one another for who they are, encouraging each other not to place judgment on others, had pictures from the test run that was done on February 13th

•One student of the committee, took it upon herself to make event pictures for every hall which consisted of a picture of that all and the words “Everyone Matters in _________ Hall” before she hit publish on the facebook page

•The weekend of February 9th, the students of the committee got together to cut out over 200 leaves for the “Join Us in Leaving Judgment Behind” Everyone Matters trees

•They made signs that were distributed to all of the halls and academic buildings by February 21st with QR codes and the website with the upcoming campaign information

•The weekend of February 21st, the students of the committee again came together to make a banner to be hung in our Oak Grove which is the center of our campus about the Everyone Matters campaign and had it hanging on February 25th

• All of the supplies that have been purchased for Everyone Matters such as the sheet, paint, and paper to make the trunks of the tree since our resource area did not have brown paper were all purchased on their own

Even though I have been personally helping the committee, I have been so impressed with my four students as they have really taken the lead and committed themselves to being available for 2 weeks in March as they thought it was important to reach every community including our Punxsutawney Campus! In addition, I had surgery on the 22nd and I am generally not around on the weekends, and when I returned, the students eagerly shared what they completed while I was gone!

What impressed me the most was their Facebook page. It was launched on February 13th and by February 28th, their page had reached 11,148 people through their 84 likes! It reached people not only in the US but in Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Mexico, Singapore, and 14 other countries! One post on February 27th which encouraged students to become an Ally reached 608 people alone! Not only did that post reach a lot of people but the national campaign for Everyone Matters highlighted IUP’s page on February 27th!

It's amazing what a small group of students can do to help make the world a better place! I have never been so impressed and can't wait to see the campaign kick off next month!

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