Month: March 2013


First Year Student of the Month

School: Sam Houston State University Region: SWACURH
Nominee: Chris Bertaut Nominator: Morgan Muldrow

On-Campus Population: 3000 Chapter Size: 30

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Chris Bertaut is a First Year Student at Sam Houston State University. He truly deserves the honor of being named the First Year Student for the month of March. He exhibits characteristics of a true leader- currently being the president of our campus Residence Hall Association, a member of the summer orientation team, and a member of our Freshman Leadership program. This month he was nominated for the freshman of the year award for the Sam Houston State University Sammy Awards which recognize students, teachers, and organizations for their contribution to the university, and being actively involved on campus with other organizations, as well.

During the month of March Chris developed a proposal on behalf of RHA to present to the Director of Residence Life. He did extensive research to prepare for this presentation by collecting research from other schools by asking other RHA presidents and NCCs about their RHAs while attending No Frills in February. He compiled all of the information and data that he gathered and the Director of Residence Life thought he did an excellent job researching and presenting and was excited to see how evolved RHA has become in the past months. Chris has been setting a foundation that can hopefully improve the organization for years to come. Coming from an organization that had very few members to an organization that is growing the right direction, Chris has lead every step of the way.

Chris also helped write our application for the NACURH scholarship for large schools, which we received. This will be SHSU's first time attending in many years and it was a great honor to receive this scholarship. We could not have done it without Chris. Coming in as President of RHA has not been easy. He has revamped the entire organization as well as helped with recruitment.

This pass month Residence Hall Association put on their biggest program to date called "Beach Bash" which was a fun way to show the students of Sam Houston State what RHA is all about while having fun and recruiting. Beach Bash had inflatables, pizza, snowcones, "dunk a UPD officer," a DJ, recruitment tables for NRHH and RHA, and more! It was a great success and got the RHA name to be more recognizable on campus.

Everyday Chris is making the organization better. This month, he singlehandedly worked to get RHA to become recognized as an official organization on the SHSU campus. It too much paperwork, editiing, and effort, but we are proud to say that because of Chris we are now an official organization on campus. He also created a Facebook page for the SHSU chapter of RHA. The facebook page is being greatly utilized and we have seen an increase in participation since this page was created.

Outside of RHA, Chris recently won a scholarship from Habitat for Humanity for this summer where he will help rebuild homes and help build new homes. Even with his busy schedule he finds time to have a job working as a Student Worker under one of SHSU's Vice Presidents. I have not known Chris for very long but he has made a great impact in my life in this short time. With all the things he has accomplished he should be recognized and admired by all. He truly shows school sprit, dedication, and a real love for Sam Houston State University. To have done so much as a freshman he should be commended. He is truly a leader and a role model.

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