Month: April 2013


Advisor of the Month

School: Kent State University Region: CAACURH
Nominee: Lindsay Marx Nominator: Brooke Bennett

On-Campus Population: 6242 Chapter Size: 25

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Lindsay Marx is the type of advisor that always goes above and beyond the call of duty. Over the summer, Lindsay's professional job expanded to encompass serving as the advisor for both Kent Interhall Council (Our RHA) and the Black Squirrel Chapter of NRHH. Since being assigned these extra duties, Lindsay has risen to the challenge. Most professional staff members work 8:00am-5:00pm and then go home for the night. On the other hand, Lindsay is often here 8:00am-8:00pm or 9:00pm. She stays late for both KIC and NRHH meetings as well as for programs, late night advising sessions, and the occasional panicked executive board member. While staying late for these meetings and whatnot, Lindsay often puts off dinner and whatever events she may have going on at home.

This month in particular, Lindsay has been amazing. First, Kent Interhall Council (KIC) had Little Sibs Weekend 2013. This event is a full weekend of things to do that hosted over 2,400 participants this year. For this event, Lindsay provided continuous support and assistance both in person on Friday and Saturday. She also spent many hours prior to the event taking executive board members shopping and dealing with the administrative aspects of the event.

Also this month, NRHH hosted "Rezzies", an end of the year awards and recognition ceremony for the employees of the Department of Residence Services. For this event, Lindsay's assistance and influence was heavily used. She made herself available by office phone, cell phone, and email at all hours of the day to make sure that everyone could accomplish what they needed. She spend countless hours helping decide the theme, bargaining with vendors, and helping NRHH crank out this awesome event. Lindsay had a hand in every aspect of Rezzies and would not have happened without her.

Additionally this month, NRHH hosted its first ever campus-wide program. For this program, we brought in a internationally recognized speaker, Jean Kilbourne. Because of this speakers notoriety and because we were using funding from Undergraduate Student Government, there were a lot of additional hoops that need jumped through. Lindsay rose to the challenge, helping handle each crisis all while helping me (the primary planner) not pull out my hair. The event ended up being a great success and Lindsay's assistance is a huge contributing factor.

Lindsay is a great advisor and supporter of student leaders. She is dedicated, motivating, and helpful. She is direct and to the point and yet compassionate. She brings a sense of humor with her to everything that she does and even deals with our inappropriate jokes quite well. She allows us to "have an edge" while making sure that we remain out of trouble. Having Lindsay added to our organization has been a huge help this year in our growth. She has supported us in every crazy endeavor that we have taken on and has helped us strive towards success. Lindsay has become an integral part of the Black Squirrel Chapter of NRHH and I can't imagine where we'd be this year without all of her help.

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