Campus Winner
Month: April 2013


Student of the Month

School: The University of Texas at Dallas Region: SWACURH
Nominee: Tyler Hobbs Nominator: Gary Honickel

On-Campus Population: 3100 Chapter Size: 31

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Tyler Hobbs has been a great leader on campus through his time at The University of Texas at Dallas. He has been a member of the baseball team and has worked hard to provide excellent leadership. However, I am nominating Tyler for his help during our annual Crawfish Boil event on April 15. While setting up the event, we learned that the number of chairs we received from facilities management was over 200 short of the amount we ordered. In order to ensure that we had enough seating, we began to move chairs from the residence halls over to our pool area. After seeing our Crawfish Boil team moving the chairs, he graciously offered to volunteer his time and truck to help move them. Instead of carrying and wheeling chairs across campus, we were able to load them up in his truck and transport them over to the area. This saved us a lot of time and allowed us to still be set up on time. During the event, he assisted at the front sign in table to get students into the event. After the event, he helped us move the chairs back by again offering his services and truck.Overall, it was very beneficial to have his help through the event and I am very happy that he stepped up to help us. He is definitely the Student of the Month in my book.

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