Regional Winner
Month: April 2013


Institution Faculty/Staff of the Month

School: The University of Texas at Dallas Region: SWACURH
Nominee: Dr. Anthony Champagne Nominator: Mary Kaar

On-Campus Population: 3100 Chapter Size: 31

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

April is the homestretch for college students. In just over a monthclasses will be done, and summer is just around the corner. With thatever-enticing vision of freedom, the drive and desire to stay investedin classes fades and students quickly enter a downward spiral, one thatmost professors cannot prevent. Dr. Anthony Champagne is one of the fewprofessors that can not only keep students engaged in class but alsokeep people invested, and interested in getting back to school thefollowing semester due to the organizations and initiatives he sponsors.

Dr. Champagne is always able to keep students interested in coursework.While many students are dropping by the wayside as the semester wrapsup, not only did Dr. Champagne keep the “Civil Liberties” class focused,he tied in current, national events such as the Supreme Court DOMA andCalifornia Proposition 8 cases that will be decided later this summer.By incorporating these cases, Dr. Champagne was able to keep hisstudents attentive and sparked lively debates. He has gotten studentsinterested in national events well into the summer, when many studentshave all but forgotten what has been discussed in the classroom.

While keeping students focused on classwork towards the tail end of thesemester is an accomplishment in itself, Dr. Champagne didn’t stopthere. This past month, the annual Supreme Court Trivia program washeld, which is a program developed by Dr. Champagne where studentsparticipate in a trivia contest about different Supreme Court cases andlegal facts. The program is a huge hit, especially amongst PoliticalScience majors and Pre-Law students, but also piques the interest ofother students as well. Pizza, cookies, and drinks were available andwhether you want to watch or participate, everyone was invited. Thisprogram has become a staple of the Pre-Law community on campus andsomething that couldn’t have happened without Dr. Champagne.

As if putting together and facilitating a large-scale program for thecampus community while keeping your students engaged wasn’t enough, Dr.Champagne is the advisor the for John Marshall Pre-Law Society (JMPLS)on campus. There were numerous events hosted by JMPLS that Dr. Champagnesupported. Early in the month, elections were held for 2013-2014 officerpositions, followed by JMPLS Final Exam Cram Spring 2013. This studysession occurs at the end of every semester, and Dr. Champagne assistedin leading study sessions. Dr. Champagne’s active role as JMPLS Advisorand his dedication to students are displayed in his willingness toassist students in any way possible outside of the classroom.

As the month came to an end Dr. Champagne completed yet another amazingfeat; the installation of a brand new, full sized, courtroom for the useof such student organizations as moot court and mock trial. Throughoutthe month Dr. Champagne was in constant communication with the Texasprison that was building the courtroom and oversaw the installation oncampus. The courtroom has been dedicated to Dr. Champagne for all thathe has done for the University. Dr. Champagne also oversees the UTDallas branch office of the Innocence Project of Texas (IPOT) on campuswhere students are able to work with the IPOT to evaluate prisonerclaims of innocence. With his investment in IPOT, Dr. Champagne couldn’tdo anything but assist multiple inmates that approached him during theinstallation of UTD’s new courtroom. During the installation someinmates were able to deliver letters to Dr. Champagne asking forassistance in proving their innocence by having their cases reviewed byIPOT.

Dr. Champagne is the epitome of what a faculty member of the monthshould be.

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