Regional Winner
Month: June 2013


Residence Life Professional Staff of the Month

School: University of Nebraska- Kearney Region: MACURH
Nominee: Cacia Lyon Nominator: Andrea La Rosa

On-Campus Population: 2000 Chapter Size: 20

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Singer Raphael Saadiq once said that, “The way to stay inspired and motivated is by doing what you like, doing what you love.” I feel that many would agree with this statement; if you just go through the motions, work is just work. If you take the time to love the work you’re doing, it truly doesn’t even feel like work. This is most certainly demonstrated through one of the conference assistants for this summer, Cacia Lyon.

During the summer, Cacia Lyon decided to take on the role of a conference assistant. She had an amazing first year as a resident assistant and wanted to learn more about the residence life office, as she is taking on the roll of senior resident assistant in the upcoming school year. She is responsible for checking people in and out of rooms, making beds, working the desk, moving residents between buildings, working the desk, and cleaning the halls. All of these duties, along with a little bid of administrative work, have helped Cacia learn more about the residence life system and the job that she loves.

The first week in June, the University of Nebraska at Kearney hosted the Shrine Bowl on our campus for the first time ever. The Shrine Bowl is Nebraska’s all-star football game. Cacia had 70 players and a hand full of coaches staying in the hall she is staying in for the summer. To prepare for the athletes, Cacia had to go around and prep the hall. She had to make beds, tidy up rooms, do a little bit of cleaning, and a number of other things to welcome the guests. One way she made them feel welcome was by making numerous bulletin boards to help make their experience the best it could be. One was a map of the campus and labeled what was happening in the buildings for the players, a list of restaurants and places that deliver to campus, and UNK facts and history, just to name a few.

When asking Cacia about working this summer, she said it has been a blast! She’s loved getting to know the campers and the other summer staff members better, especially the new hires for the up and coming school year. She especially liked working during the Shrine Bowl because she was able to meet a number of students that will be enrolling in Kearney in the fall semester. She’s already started to become a mentor in their transition from high school into college.

This summer, Cacia has truly shown what it means to do what you like, to do what you love. She doesn’t necessarily love every little task that she has to do, but they do motivate her to in the end, do what she loves. Cacia is definitely an excellent role model for any conference assistant or resident assistant. She puts her everything into what she does and does it with a smile on her face. Cacia is a model of someone who truly loves what she does.

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