Regional Winner
Month: June 2013


Spotlight of the Month

School: University of Nebraska- Kearney Region: MACURH
Nominee: Katie Lawrence Nominator: Jen Kacere

On-Campus Population: 2000 Chapter Size: 20

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

“In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can,” Nikos Kazantakis. Katie Lawrence truly believed that the MACURH Regional Board Members would succeed, that the UNK RHA NACURH Delegation would succeed or that anyone around her would succeed. Throughout the month of June, Katie was an exceptional outgoing MACURH Associate for Finance and Records as well as an On Campus Marketing (OCM) Intern for the University of Nebraska at Kearney. In the midst of all of this preparation and training, Katie never forgot her love for Molly the Moo Cow or Louie the Loper! She remained in constant communication with Regional Board and ensured that everything ran running smoothly. She also assisted the UNK Delegation to ensure they were prepared and along with supporting throughout the conference as well as was part of the team. At the conference, Katie was a constant motivator and cheerleader within the group. She encouraged all of the Regional Board Members, National Communication Coordinators and each delegate from the MACURH Region to have an amazing experience and learn as much as they could. Katie represented the region at Pre-Conference and did a great job of making sure that MACURHs voice was heard. She got to know the other members of the National Board of Directors throughout the year and truly had strong relationships with each one of them. Katie is one who always expresses her opinions but in a very professional way which her peers recognize and appreciate. Katie also finalized the conference budget templates for our regional conferences to ensure the staffs for this upcoming year were set up for success. Katie was very dedicated to making sure the budget was organized, minutes were taken and that everyone’s opinions were heard. This truly exemplifies that she cares for each individual on the Regional Board and within the organization. Katie is an amazing role model for our students within MACURH and at UNK. During the month of June, Katie also served as UNK’s OCM Intern for the Residence Hall Linen’s Program. She attended our New Student Enrollment each day to get to know our first year students and encourage them that purchasing their linens through the Residence Hall Linens Program was the best thing! Katie was very professional and enjoyed talking with each student and their family. She provided strong customer service which in turn we have seen an increase in our sales. OCM also has been very appreciative of her work and even shared pictures during the NACURH Annual Business Meeting of her talking with a family. We are very grateful for Katie’s leadership as our OCM Intern. The organizational skills, support, passion, dedication, and enthusiasm which Katie displayed throughout the month of June are a true example of what a leader should be. Her accomplishments have amazed everyone around her and we are grateful for her work and support of MACURH/RHA/UNK. Katie has truly made shown us what it is to be successful.

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