Campus Winner
Month: August 2013


Resident Assistant of the Month

School: Eastern Illinois University Region: GLACURH
Nominee: Jacob Johnston Nominator: Sally Adams

On-Campus Population: 3200 Chapter Size: 20

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

From the moment Jacob knew that he was joining the Thomas Hall Staff he has been nothing but upbeat, positive, and enthusiastic. Jake brings a great personality to the team. Jake has been really flexible and understanding as a staff member. He is willing to do his best in every situation.

Jake is a first year RA, involved in a lot of activities, and school work. However, he always manages to find time to work to connect with the men of his floor. He has truly made a great connection and that is noticed by the interactions that take place in the dining halls, on his floor, and even in the lobby. As residents pass by they always have to stop and talk with Jake or say hello.

His effort does not go unnoticed. Even though he has struggled at the beginning to connect with some of the second year athletes on his floor he has remained positive and is always asking for advice as to how to connect with these residents.

He is always asking questions of his supervisors on how to improve. Jake usual knows and can speak upon what he needs to do better, and what is going well already. His maturity in the position has really shown through. He gets along well with the staff and is doing a great job creating community in Thomas Hall.

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