Regional Winner
Month: October 2016


Organization of the Month

School: Southern Methodist University Region: SWACURH
Nominee: Friendship Committee Nominator: Pedro Aragone

On-Campus Population: 3400 Chapter Size: 28

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

During October, SMU kicks in to high gear and does not slow down until finals are over. This is the same for the Loyd's Friendship Committee. There are five committees in Loyd and each is based on one of the five Loyd Values and composed of Loyd residents. Every committee is in charge of a few big events every year called Loyd Traditions and other smaller events like a movie night for the residents of Loyd. October was a very busy month for the Friendship Committee as it many events in a short period of time.

This month, the Friendship Committee took on events like Homecoming, intramural sports, and a pumpkin carving activity for Loyd residents. Homecoming was the biggest of all those events because the committee was responsible for painting a large banner and a life-sized wooden cut-out of a mustang (SMU's mascot). The Homecoming theme this year was a Road Trip Home to SMU so every organization that participated in Homecoming represented a different state of the United States. As soon as the committee learned that they were representing Washington the state, they started planning and designing the mustang and the banner. The committee had a total of three days from the moment the mustang and banner were received until the time it was turned back in for judging. Carter Davis, the director of the Friendship Committee, along with Summer Rye the Homecoming Chair led the event by coordinating Loydians to paint in shifts so someone was working on it at any given time. Both, Carter and Summer exhibited great leadership by not only taking care of the logistics of the event but also by sacrificing their own time to help paint for hours at a time. The event was a success in that it brought Loydians together to paint a great representation of Washington while having laughs and building meaningful relationships.

While all the planning for Homecoming was undergoing, the Friendship Committee set up other events to enhance the commons experience. Intramural sports are an important avenue of participation for Loyd residents. Like all activities, intramural sports require planning. Megan Kosiara and Bennett Cook, the intramural co-chairs have made sure that we turn in the fees and have more than enough players for every game and every team. Loyd placed in the top three for sand volleyball and soccer in the residential commons league. Our spirit is contagious and is visible when walking through the halls of Loyd. Loydians are excited about playing and representing Loyd. Flag football season started in October and the Loyd team is confident in its ability to go deep into the playoffs.

Finally, the Friendship Committee planned and ran the pumpkin carving activity. Again, one of the members of the committee took on the task of planning this event. Marlo Weisberg had to make a list of all the expenses to have the event and set up all the pumpkins, paint, and pumpkin carving supplies to have a wonderful event. Many Loydians showed up to decorate or carve their very own pumpkin while we had coffee, hot chocolate, music, and friends. Loydians were proud of their final pumpkin so they showed them off at the Loyd lobby or outside their doors.

The Friendship Committee had a lot thrown at them this month. Through their leadership and resiliency along with the help of fellow Loydians they succeeded in making October a great month for everyone in the residential community.

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