Month: May 2017


Student of the Month

School: University of Maryland, College Park Region: CAACURH
Nominee: Audrey Simmons Nominator: Aaron Hood

On-Campus Population: 12500 Chapter Size: 125

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Robin Sharma said "Starting strong is good. Finishing strong is epic." Audrey Simmons is the ideal epitome of this quotation.

Audrey graduated earlier in May with a degree in Hearing and Speech Sciences while finishing her term as NRHH president and a Senior Resident Assistant. Audrey also finished her third semester of serving as a Teaching Assistant for the University's RA class. She attended the NACURH 2017 conference as the NRHH representative for regional business as well as corporate NRHH business. This was an exhaustively busy May in which Audrey finished her degree, graded papers, transitioned a new NRHH executive board, represented UMD at NACURH, closed her residence hall, and prepared to move to Michigan for graduate school.

As a Senior Resident Assistant, Audrey served as a resource for her residents during residence hall closing and as a resource for her fellow staff members when they had questions about processes or odd situations that fall outside of the standard process. Audrey dedicated hours to helping her community close out the year in their residence hall while not allowing any of her other responsibilities to slip, including her grades! Audrey studied for exams and completed research papers in between these responsibilities and achieved her goal grades on all of them in the process.

Audrey's final weeks as a TA in the RA course included providing constructive feedback to a student on their final assignment prior to the due date and grading participation, journals, a quiz, and a final assignment. Audrey then took time out of her closing schedule and exams to meet with her instructor group about the final grades for all of the students in their section in order to holistically assess every student’s effort and work.

Under Audrey's leadership, NRHH inducted the largest ever classes for the Jim Henson Chapter and she knew that the energy, passion, and experience of this year’s executive board needed to be passed along to the next. Audrey worked closely with her membership to encourage members to run for executive board positions in order to continue the work of the 2016-2017 academic year. After elections, Audrey assisted the incoming president with transition materials and meetings in order to provide holistic understanding of the chapter's operations and improvement projects for the future. Audrey also established a new award in order to recognize the continued service of an NRHH advisor who will be moving on from her role. This award will recognize outstanding contributions of professional staff members to the chapter in the future.

At NACURH 2017 Audrey served as a mentor to the delegation and was a leader in the boardroom. She spoke up in order to clarify legislation for herself and the room and offered up incisive and constructive critiques of legislation and amendments that offered a big picture analysis of how legislation might impact chapters across the nation.

Continuing her tradition of recognizing others, Audrey nominated her successor, Rick Mikulis, for the NACURH Diamond Award for the work he has done in advancing NRHH on this campus as a member and as NCC for RHA. Audrey knows that her work as NRHH president would have been nowhere near as successful without the effort of those around her and she recognized Rick for providing that support throughout the year.

Audrey's success across a number of positions on campus and in NACURH is the epitome of the student OTM. She cannot be defined by a single position and brings her enthusiasm and drive to all that she does. In May 2017 she was epic and finished her academic career stronger than anyone I can imagine.

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