Month: May 2017


First Year Student of the Month

School: Southern Oregon University Region: PACURH
Nominee: Anthony Bock Nominator: Logan Tiedt

On-Campus Population: 1100 Chapter Size: 20

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

I have the privilege of being the president of an outstanding club here at Southern Oregon University. Dulcet A Capella is a group full of talented individuals and student leaders, and I am honored to work with all of them. Among this group is Anthony Bock. I have had many interactions with him throughout the year. We started the year in Choir and Music Theory. At the start of winter term, he was part of a group of four students who joined our club. Since that point, his presence in the group has only grown, and he makes a bigger and bigger impact each time.

Overall, Anthony possesses a lot of talent. He is a music major who specializes in Piano. It is very apparent that he has invested a lot of his life into his piano skills. I took piano through high school and recognize how hard he had to have worked in order to be as good as he is today. This experience also extends to music theory. He demonstrates regularly that his knowledge on the subject extends further than what we study in class. Despite this, in lieu of being superior, he uses it as a tool to enrich the class, and also keeps patience when the class has to slow down for people who are farther behind.

In the month of May, Anthony really emerged as a leader in Dulcet. For months, we as a group have been wanting to put on a cabaret where we can show off the individual talents contained within our group. Personally, I saw importance in this because our songs usually consist of a soloist backed by the rest of our twenty person choir. Due to the large number of members and the limited set-list, a lot of people in our group have talent that goes unseen, or un-featured. It was a huge undertaking, and was a type of event we had never put together or thought of before. It was to the point where I was unsure that I would be able to put it together when paired with my other obligations. When I voiced this to Anthony at lunch one day, he volunteered to put the event together himself.

I did all I could to provide support for Anthony, but he definitely did a lot without me. One of the most notable contributions was that he played piano for what I think ended up being about half the acts (in an hour long show). That is a role that too often goes unnoticed, especially where I spend my time in theatre and music. He played for much of the performance, but also had to coordinate practice times with multiple parties in order to create the successful show we had. Another facet of this is that he did it for free. This is how some people make a living. It really is an incredible gift to the group that he put that time in without payment. Even more is that I know those of us who utilized his skills were prepared to pay, but he never asked. Anthony also was very accommodating. We had a couple people who were poor communicators and did not notify him of their acts, but he still let them perform, which I admit is something I probably would not have done.

I am so thrilled that the event went off the way it did. I feel very blessed to have been witness to the sharing of talent that took place that night, and everyone there owes it all to the hard work of Anthony Bock.

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