Month: May 2017


Residence Life Professional Staff of the Month

School: Western Kentucky University Region: SAACURH
Nominee: Kathryn Looft Nominator: Hayden Hobgood

On-Campus Population: 5200 Chapter Size: 52

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

To be prepared is half the victory. -Miguel de Cervantes

In supervisors, organization is key to effective leadership. In order to be organized, supervisors need to be prepared for any issues that may arise and appropriately prepare their subordinates for them. order to make sure the summer went as smooth as possible, my hall director, Kathryn Looft has taken her time to ensure that the entire summer staff is well prepared for any issues that spring up. She has marked all paperwork with reminders to inform us when we are running low. She has provided us with flow charts about emergency versus routine maintenance. She has set biweekly reminders to remind the staff about turning in payroll on time. She has spent a large amount of her time to ensure that we are properly prepared for everything. This shows how well she understands her role as a manager, due to her vast experience in Housing and Residence Life.

Another skill Kathryn has learned is exceptional communication. Her organization is a form of indirect communication, but she is an effective direct communicator. Summer hall had an individual that was added to the loss of visitation log. Kathryn informed the entire staff about the update along with a description of the individual as well as offering her assistance in handling the situation. There was an RA that had a medical condition and Kathryn personally spoke to the individual about the condition and offered her assistance in any way possible. Kathryn designed a bulletin board in the lobby with information about on campus restaurants summer hours, as well as campus services such as the library hours, the gym, and the computer lab. She has also given a list of several options for activities around the city for residents to do.

On May 21st, Bemis Lawrence Hall had a fire alarm go off at 10pm. Kathryn was sleeping at the time, but when called she rushed over. She was half asleep and accidently called a staff member named Toria, Sammie. As a result, the entire staff changed our name to Sammie followed by our floor number in our GroupMe. Kathryn embraced her slip of the tongue and changed the GroupMe from Summer Hall staff to Sammie Hall Staff. She also created Sammie door decorations for all of us with our floor numbers to differentiate. This small gesture shows her ability as a supervisor further enjoy her job as she is willing to have fun with her staff due to a small error she made.

On May 31st, Kathryn was called to assist two RAs with an incident. Two police officers had to be called, and while the officers were searching the room, Kathryn was holding the door open per university policy. She noted that there was a resident hiding under one of the beds, an observation that both the RAs, and the officers missed. Her perception in this situation was paramount, and speaks further about her experience in Housing and Residence Life.

Having a supervisor that is an effective communicator, is both prepared and organized as well as willing to relate and joke with the staff boosts morale. Kathryn has done everything she can to ensure that we can do our job to the best of our ability. Bill Gates said, "As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.” By his definition, Kathryn is a leader. I have personally testified on how Kathryn has empowered the staff. Her leadership and empowerment makes me proud to work for her.

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