Month: May 2017


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School: Western Kentucky University Region: SAACURH
Nominee: NACURH 2017 Conference Staff Nominator: Katie Fischer

On-Campus Population: 5200 Chapter Size: 52

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As the saying goes, “it takes a village to raise a child.” The same can be said for the annual NACURH conference. This year, NACURH was hosted at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana from May 26th-29th. Hosting a conference is a huge undertaking, especially one that involves thousands of people from around the nation and world. Preparation and planning occurs at least a year in advance or possibly years in advance. No one said it would ever be easy, but it is probably one of the most rewarding things that one will ever partake in. At this time, I would like to recognize the NACURH 2017 Conference Staff and Volunteers represented by Purdue University.

As a first time conference delegate ever, I was unsure of what the NACURH conference would entail. However, upon arriving I was not disappointed by the campus and environment. There were signs located all across campus pointing in the correct direction that you may need to go to for your program session, regional breakout, or mass gatherings. Unfortunately, walking around a place that you have never been to before, do you really go to a conference if you don’t get lost at least once? Utilizing the signs around campus as well as the location services in the Guidebook App helped resolve this problem.

Next, something critical that comes with being in a place for multiple days is finding food. The schedule for dining times was strictly followed, as well as the dining staff offering assistance wherever needed. From personal experience, we had two delegates with serious food allergies: one with Celiac (gluten) and another allergic to mushrooms and pineapples. As soon as we walked into Earhart Food Court on Friday Night, a fellow dining member immediately greeted us and asked if we had any questions. It was with this that they were alerted of our delegates’ allergies and personally had kitchen staff members walk around with them to show them what they could eat. Throughout the weekend, a kind gentlemen named Chef Nick helped out our delegate with Celiac to provide what she wanted to eat and make sure she had enough food. The cooks also did a remarkable job of making sure enough food was out for every station. Overall, the dining staff was so kind and always provided us with a smile to say hello.

Lastly, the organization of the NACURH conference is something that definitely takes a successful team to accomplish. Upon reflection, I was amazed at the subtle flow of one event to another to make it seem like it was done effortlessly. After planning small events myself, it was fascinating to see all of the little details that the conference staff put into the conference. Examples of details include decorations, lights, dances, and the entire script during mass gatherings, hospitality, door decorations for every single delegate on their residence hall door, providing transportation across campus for those that need it, philanthropy, spirit, the organization of programs into their own classrooms, and plenty of volunteers in every location. Ensuring that everything flows smoothly requires adequate communication, something that is not easy when lots of people are involved.

In summary, there are many more wonderful things that could be said about NACURH 2017. It provided an once-in-a-lifetime outlet to create memories and meet individuals from all over that share the same interests in residence hall life. The team at Purdue certainly shined at showing their leadership skills to produce a successful NACURH conference that will allow delegates to bring back many skills, ideas, memories, and experiences to their university or college.

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