Month: May 2017


Executive Board Member of the Month

School: University of South Alabama Region: SAACURH
Nominee: Lauren Bassler Nominator: Samantha Brandeberry

On-Campus Population: 2400 Chapter Size: 9

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

There's a new day dawning at the University of South Alabama. As fall concluded and summer is beginning, the National Residence Hall Honorary is taking advantage of every opportunity to prepare themselves for the next year. During the month of May, the new President, Lauren Bassler, has been making outstanding contributions to her organization to lead and inspire members to strive for higher levels of attainment for the upcoming year. Lauren has been leading, achieving and uplifting for NRHH on our campus during the month of May and she has also been relentless, eager and always considering what's next to propel her organization forward.

L - Leading. Lauren has jumped right into her role as President during the month of May. She has established her position as the head of the National Residence Hall Honorary and has been killing the game while she works on campus for the summer. The other members look to her for guidance and encouragement. She inspires those around her and I can't wait to see how she develops into this leadership role during the upcoming year.

A - Achieving. Preparing for the NACURH conference and beyond has been a huge thing for Lauren this month. The outgoing President of our chapter wasn't going to go to Purdue to accept his Regional NRHH President of the Year Award. Lauren made sure to make all edits to his regional bid and submit it to the SAACURH Board of Directors on time for NACURH-level recognition. She has also been pushing our executive board to start looking at the accomplishments they would like to pursue during this upcoming year. Lauren did a great job of working with the NACURH delegates to make sure that they left the conference with ideas they could bring back.

U - Uplifting. Lauren has been so uplifting to our new executive board members. Most of them have minimal experience with the organization, but their passion is an unquenchable fire that needs to keep burning until the fall. Lauren has encouraged them to set their own goals and pushes them to think beyond what has been done in the past in order to make a better future for the organization. She cheers them along and has created a positive environment that will encourage them to shine bright light a diamond throughout the next academic year.

R - Relentless. Lauren is relentless; she wastes no time. When it comes to preparing for the fall, Lauren is already on top of her game. She's started planning for fundraisers, promotional materials, and a great retreat. The organization's newest advisor on the professional level started in mid-May and Lauren has already had several meetings with him to discuss what they can do to propel the organization forward. Some of the things they've discussed are things like preparing for orientation sessions and recruitment, finding a storage space for all of the organization's supplies and planning the executive board retreat for the fall.

E - Eager. Whatever needs to be done, she is willing to do it. She is eager to make sure that whatever needs to get done is being completed. Before the dust had settled from finals, she was already meeting with the Director of Housing and the RHA president to start planning for the next year. The Director asked them to create a joint bulletin board for the main business office and they had it up within a week.

N - NEXT. What's next? Lauren's history with NRHH at South starts now. May was only the beginning. I look forward to seeing what she accomplishes by August.

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