Month: May 2017


Student Staff Member of the Month

School: University of Akron Region: CAACURH
Nominee: Alex Cole Nominator: Kylie Emig

On-Campus Population: 2,800 Chapter Size: 28

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Alex Cole is an outstanding student and worker for The University of Akron. He is extremely passionate about his job with the Department of Residence Life and Housing. He is a Student Assistant, where he answers phone calls of parents and students who have questions and concerns about housing and living on campus. Along with this, he does various other tasks for the department like key returns and check outs, and runs errands all over when asked. Alex shows up to work every day in a positive mood. Everyone can tell that he has a passion for the job that he has and department that he works for. Alex also loves the people he works for and with, and enjoys coming to the office to work.

At the start of summer, three new hires began working as Student Assistants for the Department of Residence Life and Housing at The University of Akron. I, being one of these new hires, knew very few of the answers to the questions that parents and students would call and ask. The other two new Student Assistants also knew very little. Alex helped the three of us get adjusted to how to answer the phone, what questions would be asked, how to transfer calls, how to look up students’ information, and various other necessary information needed to be known. He was incredibly helpful during our first days of work, especially because of the amount of phone calls we received that first week of summer.

Every time one of us picked up a phone call, Alex was right there ready to help us answer the question if needed. He would explain very carefully how to answer the question in a way that we could all understand how to respond. After the call was finished, he would explain why the answer was what it was so that we could learn how to answer it again the next time it is asked. Alex is always willing to go out of his way to find the answers no matter how long it’ll take or how many people are asking him questions. He would remain extremely calm about everything. This was very help to us new Student Assistance because we were nervous that we were taking too long to find the answer, but he would reassure us it was okay.

The biggest thing that stuck out to me that Alex did was pick up extra shifts. He worked extra days the first week to be there while the new assistants worked. This was outstanding of him because an assistant was on vacation, leaving only the new people to work a whole day’s shift. He saw it necessary to come into work on his day off to help us out because with just the three of us, we wouldn’t have known what to do. He was there for us when we needed him without us even asking. He really went above and beyond for the department that day.

Because of Alex’s incredible help so early on, I have become very comfortable answering the phones and answering questions asked by parents and students. Alex has also shown us that the Department of Residence Life and Housing is a judgement free zone where we can feel comfortable asking for assistance. This department along with The University of Akron is extremely lucky to have and employee and student as passionate about what they do as Alex Cole is. He has turned a place to make money over the summer into an office that I look forward to going to.

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