Month: May 2017


Advisor of the Month

School: University of Florida Region: SAACURH
Nominee: Patricia Jordan Nominator: Anthony Sanchez

On-Campus Population: 9300 Chapter Size: 93

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Selfless dedication to improving the lives of students. This quality is what defines an outstanding adviser. Throughout my four years at the University of Florida no one has inspired me more than Patricia Jordan for her selfless dedication to improving the lives of residents on campus and consistent effort to build up and support student leaders. Never have I seen a person do as much as Patricia has done in a single month to improve the lives of student leaders. In the month of May she made strides to build the bridge of housing organizations on campus, improve residence halls, and care for student leaders in the process.

During the month of May Patricia Jordan was promoted from Area Coordinator of the Yulee Area to Interim Assistant Director of East Campus. This promotion meant that she would be leaving her position as Area Coordinator and RHA adviser. However instead of simply leaving, Patricia dedicated the entire month of May for searching for a new adviser and transitioning RHA Exec members while not only running the Yulee Area but helping maintain Broward, Rawlings, and Infinity Hall as well during the partial absence of a fellow area coordinator. Patricia helped advocate for not only a new adviser but a whole new position to be created. A new adviser which would advise not only RHA but RHA, NRHH, and the staff advisory board. This was done because she wanted to build the bridge between the organizations. Patricia helped conduct interviews all month in search of the perfect person.

Along with this, Patricia organized the first ever Housing Student Leadership retreat during the month of May. This leadership retreat was two days long and allowed for the executive boards of RHA, NRHH, and SAB to come together and brainstorm collectively on how to better serve residents, have open discussion on social justice issues and learn valuable skills on being a student leader. On behalf of Patricia's background of being on the UF Social Justice Housing Committee, my favorite portion of the retreat was the incorporation of many opportunities for discussion on inclusivity, diversity, and privilege. These moments were necessary because as housing organizations we have to stay true to the mission statement of including, welcoming, and support students of different backgrounds and identities. These organizations have had a history of not communicating with one another but because of Patricia's help we are making great strides in building the bridge between the organizations at our institution.

Patricia doesn't just get things done, she inspires and cares for students in the process. She took the time to hear concerns about transitioning from the NRHH President and reassuring the NRHH President that she is capable of the position and even helped get her in contact with the necessary people to have her transitioned into her new role as NRHH President.

On a more personal note, Patricia has always been there for me, my RHA executive board, and all of the residence that come into her halls. She fosters positive growth for student leaders and has truly inspired me in the process. Her entire heart has been in student affairs her entire life and early last year when she was thrown into the position of RHA adviser she took up the position with grace and positivity. Never has that truly been more apparent then in the month of May where, although it was her last month of being RHA Adviser, she continued to shine bright and serve RHA, NRHH, and SAB throughout the entire transitioning process. Thank you Patricia for being such an inspirational and supportive adviser.

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