Month: June 2017


Executive Board Member of the Month

School: Truman State University Region: MACURH
Nominee: Erin Darr Nominator: Rick Cazzato Jr.

On-Campus Population: 2600 Chapter Size: 26

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Throughout the month of June 2017, Residence Hall Association President Erin Darr has helped to positively demonstrate the pivotal role that leaders on the campus of Truman State University play in the on-campus experience.

Zoom Meetings - In an effort to help bridge the gap between new and returning executive board members, Erin has helped to effectively host five summer chats. Throughout these chats, Erin has brought to the table opportunities for members to not only bond, but to create an open forum for discussion on how all of the members envision the team making positive impacts for the fall semester. Beginning with the third chat, Erin has started having each meeting have a featured executive board member. During the feature the executive board member has an opportunity to explain their role and share what their vision of their position this upcoming year looks. This has allowed for all members to become involved in getting out of their comfort zones by practicing presenting and talking in front of individuals. This foresight and importance of team building and collaboration helps to demonstrate Erin's commitment to not only being a team player, but fostering the growth of a team.

1:1s - Throughout June 2017, Erin has continually held one-on-one's with several executive board members. Her passion for enhancing the on-campus experience has helped her to want to make as positive impact this upcoming year as possible. By hosting 1:1s with individuals, Erin has helped to understand how in her role she can help to aide them so that they are successful. This intentionality demonstrate Erin's understanding of individuals needs and ensuring she is sharing in that members mission.

Retreat - Holding the role of President, Erin attend the Regional Business Conference Summer Retreat on-campus from June 16-18. Using her experiences in her role thus far, Erin helped to foster and mentor members on the conference team that are holding leadership positions for the first time. As an experienced leader on the campus, Erin has helped to be a positive role-model and assistant to growing leaders by using her own experiences to mentor and assist new leaders. During the retreat, Erin helped to take others under her wing and explain to them how the conference fits into the region. From discussing the roles of the Regional Board of Directors, to explaining how conferences function, Erin helped to inform new leaders about the importance the conference plays in the region. This mentorship allowed newer leaders to take on their roles with more confidence as they had a better understanding thanks to Erin helping to further explain the MACURH region to them.

Advisors - Wanting to help connect the advisors more, Erin has effectively communicated with the advisors throughout the month of June. Wanting to prepare substantially for the upcoming school year, Erin has worked with the advisors to solidify meeting schedules and to understand their needs from her, as well as expressing her needs from them. It is because of Erin's passion to include others and understanding the high level of support that advisors have for the students that she has been working hard to provide them with updates throughout the month.

While the month of June was only her first full-month of being President of RHA, Erin has exemplified exceptional growth. The significance that she has played in utilizing her resources and building a team is astonishing. Erin has already begun to be a positive role-model for new and returning executive board members and will no doubt continue to positively impact not only the board, but the campus as well.

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