Month: June 2017


Spotlight of the Month

School: University of Virginia at Wise Region: SAACURH
Nominee: UVa-Wise Housing and Residence Life Nominator: Michael Doherty

On-Campus Population: 600 Chapter Size: 20

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

During the month of June, The University of Virginia's College at Wise has gone through some major changes. Throughout the many changes and hardships, the UVa-Wise Housing and Residence Life office has made sure that the residence halls run smoothly and efficiently during the summer programs as well as facilitating the major freshman orientation program during the month of June. By overcoming any hardship and obstacles that may be in their way, the Uva-Wise Housing and Residence Life Staff have shown that they deserve to be recognized for all their hard work.

At the beginning of the month of June, The University of Virginia’s College at Wise underwent a huge change when one of our Community Coordinator positions was left vacant. The remaining Housing and Residence Life staff members took up the challenge and have made a confusing situation manageable. They reorganized everything and have worked hard to redirect the management of the residence halls. For example, they managed the many athletic and band camps that have stayed in the residence halls during the month of June. They performed duties such as scheduling which camps stayed where as well as check-in and check-out for Summer I session students in our upperclassman residence hall, Asbury Hall.

The Uva-Wise Housing and Residence Life staff also managed the June freshman orientation event. They worked all day in the Housing office helping any prospective students and their parents with any questions they may have. For example, many students and parents came in to fill out the online housing sign-up. The staff stayed in the office and assisted the students in making their accounts and choosing roommates. When student needed loft kits, mini-fridges, or to switch roommates, the housing staff was right on top of it and helped in any way they could. They resolved conflicts between parents as well as potential roommates and helped make everyone’s first visit to the Uva-Wise campus a pleasant one. Two Summer Resident Assistants also took on a major role during orientation. They both took on the responsibility of showing the new freshman students the college campus during their residence hall tours. For example, they showed their respective residence halls to the students. They educated them about the history of the building and how life will be like if they chose that residence hall. They showed the new freshman students the two showrooms, men’s and women’s, as well as the laundry rooms. They explained how they can get help from their Resident Advisers and what types of programs their RAs will put on as well as what organizations on campus they can participate in. The two Resident Advisers made sure to show the best part of the Residence halls and persuade them that their choice to live on campus was the right one.

Overall, the Housing and Residence Life office and staff at Uva-Wise have done a tremendous job in running the residence halls and programs despite any setbacks. They have shown they deserve to be honored and recognized for their hard work and perseverance during the month of June.

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