Month: June 2017


Resident Assistant of the Month

School: University of California, San Diego Region: PACURH
Nominee: Sydney Gillen Nominator: Andrew Han

On-Campus Population: 10700 Chapter Size: 47

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Ah, June... As the spring quarter and the academic year in general come to a close at the University of California, San Diego, many Resident Assistants (RAs) prepare themselves for a third round of a grueling week of final exams. Despite a hefty amount of both academic and extracurricular commitments that would bog down the average person, Sydney Gillen certainly did not let that deter her. Sydney is a third- year Public Health major at UCSD and currently serves as the RA for the Lana’i community in Revelle College’s Keeling Apartments. She is also the incoming Senior RA (SRA) of the Apartments for the next academic year. As a Keeling RA myself, I have had the pleasure and honor of working alongside Sydney and watching in awe as she went above and beyond her duties during the month of June.

As an RA, Sydney has become well-known for a variety of things: her thought-provoking passive programs, her bubbly energy, her love of the hit comedy show “The Office,” and making “The Office” her community theme. Even with finals quickly approaching, it is very hard to imagine anyone having the time to worry about things outside of academics. Sydney, however, maintained a constant presence in her community’s Facebook group, advertising many de-stressor events and giving words of encouragement to her residents. She also took the time to make finals care packages for her residents, reminding them to take care of themselves while they study hard for their exams, and Resident Dundies, a reference to “The Office” consisting of unique and quirky end-of-the- year achievement awards for her residents.

Revelle was one of UCSD’s seven residential areas heavily affected by the university’s decision to hire additional RAs in an attempt to decrease the resident-to-RA ratio. Naturally, with thirteen extra RAs, there will very likely be major differences from previous years. It was necessary for Sydney and her fellow incoming SRA partner, Kishan Desai, to work tirelessly alongside Revelle’s professional staff to figure out all logistics before RA summer training begins. Together with Kishan, Sydney recognized that all of the returning RAs must be on the same page for the upcoming year in order for training to go as smoothly as possible. Thus, she thought it was important that they lead a late- night meeting for the returners as SRAs, and she was as transparent as possible about expectations for next year. Alyssa McKay, the incoming Kaua’i RA for the Keeling Apartments and a returning RA, notes that Sydney “is a role model student leader, especially when it comes to time management skills. Her dedication to accountability is both necessary and appreciated during this time of transition.”

The end of spring quarter also signals a hectic time for Revelle Residence Life: resident move-out. After she finished finals early, Sydney continuously stopped by the area designated for the move-out process during the second half of the week, offering up her time and energy to help out wherever she could, whether it be at carts, keys, or room checks. When the majority of residents had finished moving out, Sydney took initiative, helping the Housing Assistant lead one of three groups to check each empty apartment, suite, and room. One of Revelle Residence Life’s epitomes of efficiency, Sydney was instrumental in making sure that room checks and the move-out process as a whole ran as smoothly as possible.

Even during this chaotic month, while being an RA, a future SRA, and a student, Sydney was a friend to both residents and staff members alike. It is without question that I nominate Sydney for RA of the month of June.

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