Month: June 2017


Advisor of the Month

School: Baldwin-Wallace University Region: CAACURH
Nominee: Larysa Cohee Nominator: Kristin Brewer

On-Campus Population: 1800 Chapter Size: 10

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

I am writing this nomination in support of Larysa Cohee, who is currently serving as the summer Hall Director for Baldwin Wallace University. I have been very impressed with the work Larysa has done so far this summer and wanted to recognize her efforts in a more formal way.

As a Summer Hall Director, she supervises a staff of four Resident Assistants (RAs) who are tasked with maintaining the safety and security of the residence hall, creating a sense of community, and serving as a resource for residents. Since summer in residence life usually moves at a less hectic pace than during the academic year, it is easy to procrastinate on some responsibilities. That has not been the case this summer. Larysa and her staff have been stellar; they have already implemented one successful program and have another one scheduled for just before the Fourth of July. The staff also worked with Safety & Security to schedule and hold a fire drill early in the summer. I have no doubt that Larysa’s leadership has helped things move this smoothly this summer. She has role modeled very well for her staff, often volunteering to help others, being prompt in communication, and thorough when completing tasks. Coming into the summer, Larysa and I had a very frank conversation about her strengths and areas to improve. While initially Larysa wanted to take on the role of summer Hall Director to refine her skills as a supervisor and become more confident, we also specifically talked about keeping momentum on a project, setting her own deadlines, and beginning to anticipate what her supervisor may need/want. As noted in the above paragraph, Larysa has done an excellent job working with her summer staff. Outside of her supervision responsibilities, Larysa has been given several summer tasks that require her to work independently, such as developing a First Year Mentor training for the First Year Mentor program that she oversees during the academic year. She has completed most of her summer task list items in advance and for those that have not yet been finished, she has communicated due dates for those projects. While I was away on vacation, Larysa sent updates on her progress without prompting. During her first 1:1 when I returned, she had already compiled a list of things to share with me without my needing to ask. Larysa has actively sought feedback to improve the quality of work she’s produced and as a result, has been given greater autonomy on different projects, such as the Midyear RA Training. She has also taken on additional responsibilities outside of her job description, including offering to take over one of our office’s summer Orientation presentations to parents/guardians. Larysa also found time to work on her own professional development and recently submitted her first co-authored article for consideration in a regional housing association’s publication.

She has taken on every challenge I’ve given her with a resolute determination to excel. It is so rewarding to see the look of pride she has for herself when she accomplishes her goals. While she has accomplished a lot professionally since summer began, I am most proud of her personal development. Larysa has actively worked to improve her rapport with colleagues in the office that she did not interact with during the year. It is clear that her efforts have paid off as she continues to build a relationship with those individuals outside of the office setting. I am so happy to see her grow into a more mature, self-aware person who is confident in her skills and abilities. Way to go, Larysa!

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