Month: June 2017


Residence Life Professional Staff of the Month

School: Truman State University Region: MACURH
Nominee: Megan Swingle Nominator: Rick Cazzato Jr.

On-Campus Population: 2600 Chapter Size: 26

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Working in the fast-paced atmosphere of Residence Life, Megan Swingle has demonstrated just what it means to be an exceptional Professional Staff Member on the campus of Truman State University during the month of June 2017.

Professional Development - As a member of the programming committee for the Upper Midwest Region for the Association of College and University Housing Officers, Megan spent the a few days during the week of June 4th working with other professionals from the region on evaluating and selecting the programs for the upcoming UMR Conference. During the time, Megan was able to network and help gain valuable skills that will allow her to continue serving the Residence Life Department on-campus. Having no expectation to participate in a committee, Megan took it upon herself to look for ways in which she can help to serve the region, but also help to bring back valuable tools and ideas to enhance the campus. Through her work during the first week of June, Megan was able to not only fulfill the committee tasks, but also was able to network and bring back ideas. This idea of education and continuous learning helps to present and showcase her commitment to growing herself and others. Similarly, Megan was also able to participate in another growth opportunity. From the 12th through the 15th of June, Megan was able to participate and attend the 2017 Regional Entry Level Institute for Housing and Residence Life Staff Conference at the University of Northern Iowa. Having completed the competitive application process prior in the semester, Megan was able to build a larger network and work on furthering her knowledge and skills by attending the institute. Similarly to her work on the UMR Committee, Megans focus for pushing her self to be the best professional that she can be is unparalleled.

Summer Camps/Orientation - In addition to participating throughout the region, Megan has been dedicated to assisting and aiding the Joseph Baldwin Academy Camp throughout the beginning of the summer. Spending hours responding to issues, concerns, or questions, Megan has provided top customer service to this camp. While the camp is not in her building, Megan is committed to helping out wherever she can in the department and has done a fantastic job of helping to ensure that all of the middle school campers feel at home. This emphasis that Megan has on providing a top customer service experience for all guests of the University helps to showcase her high passion for serving others. Megan has continually gone above and beyond to ensure that all of the campers have an unforgettable time while staying within Ryle Hall. In addition to providing top customer service, Megan has help to aide the summer orientation process for incoming students. Presenting at several orientation days about residence life, as well as, providing hall tours for Centennial Hall. Helping to greet and welcome all first-year students to campus, Megan did a phenomenal job representing not only the Department but also the University. Megan's commitment to providing excellent experience to anyone who steps on-campus is evident through her commitment to aiding others.

Megan has truly gone above and beyond throughout the month of June 2017. Finding ways to professionally develop and to serve others, Megan has really taken the time to focus on building up others and herself. This demonstrates Megan's commitment to providing her best self to the students and showcases the ideas of the University by being a life-long learner. Because of this, Megan should be recognized for her focus on developing through all experiences that she encounters.

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