Month: June 2017


Student Staff Member of the Month

School: Western Oregon University Region: PACURH
Nominee: Jason Haynes Nominator: Jason Granados

On-Campus Population: 1500 Chapter Size: 20

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Here at Western Oregon University, student leadership position are taken into heavy consideration. Being a student leader here on campus means representing not only yourself or your organization, but rather the university as a whole. OTM’s are meant to validate and express the out of the ordinary success of someone. Never would I have guessed, that I would be writing my last OTM about this student. Jason Haynes had a very unexpected change in involvement here at WOU in student leadership. Students like these aren’t recognized as much as they should be. However, for this past month of June, Jason sincerely surprised me.

ASWOU or the Associated Students of Western Oregon University is a group of student leaders who want to advocate for the students at WOU. This organization is split into three branches, executive, senate, and judicial. All these organizations have a variety of task in making sure student voices are heard. Jason takes part of ASWOU Senate, something that he joined mid school year out of the ordinary. To my surprise, Jason stepped out his comfort zone and helped with what he could. He joined committees and even wrote a legislation that was passed that would affect students in a positive way.

As NCC, I am assigned to attend Senate meetings but fell short as their meetings took place during RHA’s meetings. Since I couldn’t attend these, I scheduled weekly 1-1 meetings with the ASWOU Senate President, Corbin Garner. We would exchange notes on how both sides of RHA and Senate were doing and seeing if there was any help that either team could assist with. Corbin mentioned how Jason, as a Senator, joined midway of the year and already has contributed tremendously to the team.

As to what Jason plans are for student leadership next year, Jason recently applied and was nominated for the Director of Business and Finance position on the ASWOU Executive Cabinet. He is responsible for all financial activity within ASWOU and its chartered clubs and organizations. This position is tasked with accurately maintaining records of all ASWOU budgets and communicating financial information to other organizations. In other words, probably one the most important position on the Executive Cabinet.

During the summer here at Western, many would think that a university would slow down. That is not the case for WOU, summer is conference season. Where a variety of organizations, sports, clubs, etc. come to Western and stay on campus. With that, University Housing needs some extra hands on deck. They hire 3 Desk Attendants, this position requires long hours at the Residential Service Center and assisting the conference guests with many questions or concerns that they may have during their stay at Western. Jason applied and was accepted for this position. It comes to show how much of a hard worker Jason has always been, especially for this past month.

At the end of the day, Jason is one of the very few people I can say is a student with more than just high honors, he’s a devoted and persistent worker. He is charismatic and cares for others. He is an profoundly excellent student leader whether he knows it or not. I believe I speak for the many teams he has been apart of that he has come along way from when he first started making an impact to WOU. I am honored to call him a close and trusted friend. It is with immense honor that I nominate my final OTM to Jason Haynes, Student Staff Member for the month of June.

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