Month: June 2017


Student of the Month

School: University of Florida Region: SAACURH
Nominee: Melissa Gurney Nominator: Anthony Sanchez

On-Campus Population: 9300 Chapter Size: 93

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Selfless dedication to serving residence in a variety of capacities. This is the unique quality that shined brightly throughout the month of June that made Melissa stand out as a true NRHH diamond. During the summer months at the University of Florida, NRHH is not as active on behalf of most Executive board members leaving for the summer. Melissa Gurney was elected at the end of Spring to serve as the Co-Vice President of Finance yet is living off campus this semester and is not officially serving in her role yet because of this reason. However this did not stop Melissa at all from dedicate numerous hours of her time during the month of June to assisting the Inter-Residence Hall Association with putting on their Summer B Welcome Week events, she also remained engaged in the changes being made to housing staff during the month of June, and still is actively trying to build the foundation for the brand new role of a Co-VP of Finance for NRHH.

Summer B Welcome Week, is a week long series of events that takes a lot of effort and time to execute. Melissa was always present, engaged and happy to assist with any of the needs of the IRHA Executive Board to make sure the event was running smoothly. She would come early to help set-up for the event and leave later to help with cleaning up. Through it all, Melissa did these things, not because she was asked to, but because she absolutely loves serving the residents and seeing how beneficial these welcome week events are to them. Even though each event had roughly over 100 students in attendance, it all seemed easy to manage with the help of Melissa.

Although Melissa is living off campus during the summer and is not officially in her role as NRHH Exec currently, she consistently remains engaged in the life of student affairs at the University of Florida. She is always taking the time to talk with Pro-staff while at welcome week events, build a strong positive dialogue with resident assistants, and takes the effort to meet with the newly appointed NRHH Adviser. Melissa doesn't let where she lives stop her from giving back by staying active in the realm of student affairs on-campus and participating in on-campus activities.

One of the hardest challenges that Melissa has had to face during the month of June is how to lay the foundation for a completely new position to the NRHH Executive Board. Never in the history of NRHH at the University of Florida has their been a Co-position on an Executive Board. However, because of the confidence and motivation that Seth (the other Co-VP of Finance) and Melissa both shared for NRHH, they both were elected and throughout the month of June has worked to establish a seperation of job responsibilities for the positions and even looked into new ways to make each Co-VP specialize in a key aspect of finances: inner finances and fundraising.

On a more personal note, although Melissa has done an outstanding job in dedicating time to Summer B Welcome Weeks success, staying involved on campus even though she lives off campus for the summer, and is paving the way to success in her new executive board position, I value Melissa because of her positive and humble personality. She is always the ray of sunshine at each event. She does all of these things without asking for anything in return. Thank you Melissa for everything that you have done for housing during the month of June. We really appreciate you so much!

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