Month: June 2017


Institution Faculty/Staff of the Month

School: Colorado State University Region: IACURH
Nominee: Mel and Freda Nominator: Jordan Teliha

On-Campus Population: 6039 Chapter Size: 30

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Like fries and a burger or ice cream and pie, Mel and Freda are a classic pairing that keep our summer dining hall going. Mel and Freda are two of CSU’s finest dining staff. They work at opposite ends of our main summer dining center, Corbett, swiping meal cards, giving out to-go boxes, and greeting hundreds of students and conference attendees every day, except on their well-deserved weekends off. Though humble, Mel and Freda have a profound impact on campus, often going out of their way to make us residents’ lives easier.

During June, the SLP interns’ meal cards, including my own, would not work at the eastern end of the dining hall, which happened to be the side we all lived. After numerous meals of walking around the dining hall to the other side or begging Mel to let us in to swipe our cards at the other end, Freda decided to take down our numbers and have Mel call her when we came to eat so she could manually put in our meal card numbers at the other end. She even promised to speak with the meal card manager about getting our cards fixed. Now whenever we eat, we say hi to Mel and walk over to find Freda expectantly smiling at us from the other side. The fact that Mel and Freda were willing to change protocol for a few college students more than capable of walking around the dining hall illustrates their dedication to the CSU residents.

Equally telling is the pair’s exuberant attitude. No matter what time of day, each excitedly greets you, like a sunny-side up egg, and asks you how you are, before bidding you a great day. Just like your favorite meal, Mel and Freda feel like old friends. They engage you in conversations, talk about their lives, and tell you how special you are. Their ability to maintain such happiness and engagement resident after resident shows a true love for CSU. Mel and Freda are integral figures in the familial atmosphere we pride in our campus. This atmosphere relies on positivity of relationships above all else. Even if the dining hall is having an off day, thanks to Freda’s and Mel’s smiling faces, you’ll enter happy and leave happy.

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