Month: June 2017


First Year Student of the Month

School: Southern Methodist University Region: SWACURH
Nominee: Alicia Swart Nominator: Ty Krueger

On-Campus Population: 3400 Chapter Size: 28

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

June was quite the busy month for Alicia Swart. Alicia just finished her first year at Southern Methodist University and worked throughout June to bring many new things to SMU.

Alicia had returned from NACURH 2017 with a lot of excitement. After taking a couple days to recover from the conference, Alicia hit the ground running in researching the possibility of hosting the 2018 Regional Business Conference for SWACURH. Alicia spent many hours researching old bids, reading through policy, and meeting with her advisor to make sure she had all of the necessary details. She setup a meeting with the Director of Residence Life for SMU to ask for permission. When asked if she wanted her advisor to be there for support, Alicia said she wanted to try giving the presentation by herself. After the meeting and presentation, the Director shared with the advisor how impressed she was with Alicia's presentation and professionalism. After the Director gave permission and support to bid to host the conference, Alicia continued her work in preparing a bid that was due at the beginning of July while she also sent numerous emails to recruit more student leaders to be involved. Alicia was a little worried as she had never put together a bid of any kind before. Even without prior bid writing experience, Alicia did a great job of organizing the information in her first bid.

Alicia also took the time to help prep her community for summer orientation. As the incoming President of Loyd Commons, Alicia asked and offered help often as she wanted to be sure to contribute to the experience. Alicia took charge of writing out helpful details for the incoming class on the community's large chalk wall. Information included helpful tips on move-in and how to get involved. She also modeled the new community mugs to help advertise them on social media. Alicia also made time to provide edits and updates to the Loyd Declassified magazine that is sent to all first year and transfer students of Loyd Commons. Alicia helped make decisions for the community for such things as deciding where new TVs would be placed, what giveaways to provide during the orientation tours, and deciding how the community library would organized. Additionally, Alicia also worked to start recruiting a replacement for one of her Executive Board members as one had unfortunately decided to transfer to a new school.

Aside from all of the work on her first bid and helping the community be ready for orientation, Alicia is working two internships this summer. Many student leaders are focusing just on one thing - working a job, or taking classes, or enjoying the summer vacation. Alicia on the other hand has focused her summer on getting ahead and trying to bring new opportunities to SMU.

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