Month: July 2017


Residence Life Professional Staff of the Month

School: Truman State University Region: MACURH
Nominee: Gretchen Dahl Nominator: Rick Cazzato Jr.

On-Campus Population: 2600 Chapter Size: 26

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

There are a plethora of dignifying qualities that an individual can demonstrate to reflect their leadership and impact on campus. For Identification Card Coordinator Gretchen Dahl, the month of July 2017 has helped to show the importance of her leadership within the Department of Residence Life on the campus of Truman State University.

One of the main job responsibilities of Gretchen is to create and coordinate the creation of all student identification cards for the University. With managing nearly 6,500 ID Cards, Gretchen does a fabulous job of helping to properly keep records and ensure that every students card is functioning properly. Following the June Orientation days, Gretchen began to the process of printing ID Cards for all of the incoming first year students. When Gretchen went to begin printing the ID Cards and creating the student accounts, both of her ID Machines began to malfunction. Instead of becoming frustrated, Gretchen strategically thought of all the opportunities and ways in which she could accomplish her job. Helping to get Information Technology Services (ITS) and technicians involved, Gretchen helped to assist and problem solve with ITS to repair the machines. While this does not seem like a huge accomplishment, Gretchen took it upon herself to insert herself within the process and trouble-shoot so that she could learn and continue to grow within her role. This exemplary leadership helps to demonstrate Gretchen's commitment to life-long learning and serving the student body.

In addition to managing the IDs for all of the students on-campus, Gretchen also helps to oversee and assist with the Residence Life budget. Having two new Hall Directors join the Department during the morning of July 3rd, their knowledge of the budget was minimal. Helping to assist the Director of Residence Life in training, Gretchen took time out of her schedule to help explain the budgets. From requisitions, to orders, Gretchen helped to thoroughly cover all aspects of the budget for the two new staff members. Gretchen's ability to educate and encourage others was demonstrated through her commitment to ensuring that each of the two staff members had the resources that they would need to be successful in their role.

Not only did Gretchen help to assist the new staff members in regards to the budget, but she also continues to help and assist the general operations of the Department. With the University facing major budget cuts due to the states 9% withholding of the budget from the previous fiscal year, Gretchen has been helpful in utilizing campus partners to help and get items that are cost effective for the Department. While not having the position of a Hall Director, Gretchen's ability to be a team player has allowed her to fully understand the roles of others within the department. With understanding these roles, Gretchen has been able to specialize her position and the needs of others in order to help make as positive of an impact as possible.

Throughout the month of July 2017, Gretchen has really helped to demonstrate the pivotal role that she plays within the Department of Residence Life. Whether it be by helping to manage the ID Process and learn about the technology needed to process IDs or through educating others, Gretchen has really made a positive impact on the lives of Residence Life staff throughout the month of July. Without Gretchen's continued dedication to serving others and stepping up and using her critical thinking skills, a large part of the Departments operations would cease to exist. Because of her impacts, Gretchen should be recognized for continuing to serve the students to the highest degrees.

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