Month: July 2017


Residential Community of the Month

School: Baldwin-Wallace University Region: CAACURH
Nominee: 2017 Summer RA Staff Nominator: Kristin Brewer

On-Campus Population: 1800 Chapter Size: 10

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

I am writing this to recognize BW’s 2017 summer Resident Assistant (RA) staff, which includes Kiara, Robert, Olivia, and Brandon. This team has consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and commitment to excellence that deserves recognition.

The four summer RAs are tasked with maintaining the safety and security of the residence hall, creating a sense of community, and serving as a resource for residents. BW houses anywhere from 25 to 50 summer students or guests/interns throughout the summer, making it particularly busy in May and August for check-ins and checkouts. Despite the overlap, the summer RAs did very well fulfilling their end of semester commitments and summer RA responsibilities. This momentum has continued through the summer and shows no sign of slowing down! A few things that the summer RA staff did prior to July include working with Safety & Security to hold a fire drill, hosting a June program to help summer residents meet one another, and assisting Central Staff members with various tasks during office hours.

In this past month, the summer RA staff have accomplished some stellar work. It is typical for the number of tasks to increase for summer RAs in July, as that is when Central Staff starts feeling the “crunch” before the academic year begins. The team kicked off the month with an S’mores & Tie Dye program over the Fourth of July weekend. Two Central Staff attended and were happy to see how summer RAs worked to engage and connect with residents. The summer RA staff also did well documenting a few situations that arose throughout the month. During office hours, Central Staff members kept the summer RAs busy with different tasks, some of which were rather tedious. From organizing and inventorying resource closets to moving bed ends, the summer RA team approached every task with a “can do!” attitude.

The two biggest assignments that the summer RA staff accomplished were the (dreaded) call list and the new Room Condition Report (RCR) system. At BW, each incoming first-year student is given a call from our office to confirm the incoming student is still living on campus and answer any questions the incoming student may have. This requires the entire list of incoming first-year students (over 600) to be divided evenly among the summer RA staff. The summer RA staff then calls each student and either speaks with them personally or leaves a voicemail. While these calls are appreciated by our incoming students, the calls are time- consuming for staff to make. Again, the summer RA staff approached this task with a positive attitude and finished it by the deadline.

This summer, our department also transitioned from a paper RCR form to an electronic version. The summer RA staff served as test subjects, learning the software and beginning to complete RCRs to troubleshoot any potential issues with the system before the rest of our staff returns in August.

Each of the four RAs have commitments outside of this position, including hourly jobs or demanding roles in community theaters. Despite those commitments, what I have most appreciated about the summer RA staff is how each member is fully utilizes their office hours to advance the work of our department. Each RA has been “present” during their office hours, consistently demonstrating excellent time management skills, patience, a strong work ethic, and the ability to think on their feet. I am incredibly proud of the summer RA staff for bringing their best each day to work and making this a memorable summer – a huge thanks for their help in turning our to-do list into a “done!” list!

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