Month: July 2017


Advisor of the Month

School: NC State University Region: SAACURH
Nominee: Cassandra Jenkins Nominator: Alli Colley

On-Campus Population: 8500 Chapter Size: 85

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Even though it’s summer on NC State’s campus, the work doesn’t stop for Cassandra Jenkins. Affectionately known as Mom to all of her students, Cassandra is the advisor of our Inter-Residence Council and National Residence Hall Honorary chapter. Throughout the entire month of July, Cassandra has been working with the IRC summer executive board and NRHH president to get things ready for the upcoming year.

Over the past few weeks, Cassandra has been spending most of her days in training with the Community and Residence Directors. During this training, Cassandra was tasked with putting together a presentation explaining IRC and NRHH to all of the advisors on campus. In years past, the presentation slot for this was not very long, maybe half an hour, but Cassandra fought to make this time longer so that she could really explain the organizations to everyone. Her presentation was an hour and a half; she had 48 slides! Not only did she discuss how to help our organizations on a campus-level, Cassandra talked about our region and NACURH, explaining leadership conferences and making sure everyone was excited and interested in attending.

When Cassandra hasn’t been in training this month, she is in the IRC/NRHH office working to make sure that we all have what we need for the start of the year. This includes working with both the IRC and NRHH presidents to ensure we are prepared to lead our organizations on to bigger and better things. This has been especially helpful for me, as the NRHH president-elect. At our institution, there has been a history of IRC overshadowing our NRHH chapter. Since Cassandra has come to NC State last semester, she has worked diligently to make sure that everyone sees IRC and NRHH as sister organizations, rather than one being more important than the other. This has taken a lot of internal work with the executive boards and existing members, and will even require new financial commitments. She is planning on redecorating our office to include more NRHH space/accomplishments, making sure that NRHH has just as many supplies as IRC, and even getting us nametags and polos (which the IRC executive board gets every year, but NRHH has never received). Although these actions seem small, they have ever been taken in the past, and it means the world to us that she is taking these steps. She wants everyone to know that NRHH is just as important as IRC and should be seen as such.

Not only does Cassandra spend her days helping us professionally, she is also a friend to us personally. Oftentimes, she will spend time with us outside of the office, getting dinner or having TV show viewing parties. When we have eboard game nights, Cassandra makes every effort to come, even though they are after hours. Additionally, Cassandra always makes sure that we are doing well, taking care of ourselves, and is always interested in our academic pursuits. Cassandra has been very supportive of my decision to attend graduate school next year, and has even done research with me to try and help me make the right decision for me. She never fails to offer words of encouragement throughout my journey to become a student affairs professional. Cassandra also encourages me to constantly step out of my comfort zone, allowing me to develop lifelong skills that will assist me in the future.

Cassandra Jenkins is a wonderful asset to NC State. She is truly passionate about its students and their success. I don’t know what we would be doing without Cassandra, this summer and in the future.

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