Month: July 2017


Executive Board Member of the Month

School: Truman State University Region: MACURH
Nominee: Sammy Garrett Nominator: Erin Darr

On-Campus Population: 2600 Chapter Size: 26

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

The month of July 2017 has been very busy for RHA Public Relations Chair Sammy Garrett. This is the second month Sammy has served on the executive board and she has already shown outstanding leadership and drive in her position.

Positional Update - On July 11, Sammy presented at an executive board Zoom chat sharing goals for the upcoming year and an update on new ideas she had for her position. She opened up discussion for personal feedback and introduced a new initiative for RHA meetings called ‘Herds’. The Herds were named to represent Truman State's MACURH regional affiliation and are designed as small group breakouts for RHA members to meet others on a consistent basis during meetings. Her goal was to increase discussion on events, strategic planning initiatives, and legislation topics amongst members and create a more social environment throughout meetings.

Apparel - Sammy has worked tirelessly to design t-shirts before the start of the academic year to sell to general body members. She took the time to create five color options and three shirt designs to present to the executive board. She wanted to involve the executive board in the decision, so she had them vote on the design that best represents the organization. She set a personal deadline to order before August 1, which has pushed her to finalize the design and get all order information to the company.  She has continuously reminded other executive board members to prepare their appropriate contact information for the order so she can meet her deadline and receive the shirts before school starts.

Advertisements - Using a poster making program, Sammy created three designs to advertise the first meeting of the year. Each design was centered around the board game meeting theme and included RHA's new motto ‘RHA is One’. Once approved by the executive board, she began sending the posters off for printing. Her constant communication with other executive board members on advertisements has helped them get excited about the first RHA meeting and feel involved.

Activities Fair - Truman State University hosts a fall Activities Fair for all on-campus organizations to recruit members at the start of the academic year. Sammy headed the RHA representative booth and to advertise, she created multiple designs for stickers to give out at the table. She also came up with the idea of a random giveaway wheel to hand out smaller RHA items in person and slips for larger items that must be picked up at the first RHA meeting to get interested students coming to the first meeting.

Regional Involvement - Sammy serves at the Sustainability Chair on the MACURH Regional Business Conference staff and presented an update at a staff chat on July 27. She is working with outside campus organizations to make the conference more environmentally conscious and to provide reusable water bottles to delegates. As an RHA representative on the staff, her hard work across multiple teams translates to her dedication to her institution and region.  

With the goal of increasing meeting attendance and creating a stronger organization presence on campus, Sammy’s hard work throughout the month of July has made a huge impact on the Truman State University RHA. Historically, RHA has never filled the Public Relations executive board position, and what is even more impressive is that Sammy is creating the structure of Public Relations Chair without the help or guidance from a previous executive board member to define her positional roles. Her work will impact the future of the Truman State University RHA and she has set the bar high for incoming Public Relations chairs.

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