Month: July 2017


Resident Assistant of the Month

School: Washington State University Region: PACURH
Nominee: Rhea Gonzaga Nominator: mariela frias

On-Campus Population: 5400 Chapter Size: 54

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

"What it Means to be a COUG"

As summer beings to end and fall semester is right around the corner fellow students of Washington State University (WSU) will begin returning to campus for their annual Resident Advisor (RA) training. Despite the amount of preparation, commitment and dedication that RAs have to endure throughout the month of July one person unparticular “Rhea Gonzaga” has stunned me with the amount of work and commitment she has put into being a leader for future and current COUGS of WSU. Rhea Gonzaga has shown commitment to both her community and fellow COUGS throughout the years. Rhea Gonzaga is a third year Political Science Major at WSU and currently serves as the RA for Orton Hall. I have had the pleasure to work with Rhea on boundless of social justice programs, alternative spring break trip (education reform), emerging leaders (leadership cohort), and in RHA. Rhea isn’t just an amazing RA; she is also a phenomenal leader on campus.

Many ask what it means to be a COUG but there’s only one true way to explain, “What it truly means to be a COUG” and Rhea Gonzaga is a perfect example. Rhea is currently an RA and the Speaker’s Coordinator for the Student Involvement organization on campus. Rhea has been working tirelessly to make her Collegiate Leadership Conference a success. She has been under a lot of stress but it didn’t stop her from scheduling face time meetings with the Residence Hall Executive President to plan out goals and expectations for a leadership dinner that will be held this year for each of the Residence Hall Government Executive Boards. This month Rhea has been working on various things from planning for a collegiate leadership conference involving different campuses in Washington State and devoting many hours towards preparing for RA training and planning for this upcoming school year. Rhea has also been working on finding a speaker for the conference, scheduling programs/meetings, organizing the food, and finalizing the location and finances. Rhea is also planning on teaming up with RHA and providing 100 free seats to the resident community on campus who want to attend.

Rhea is well known around campus not only because she is heavily involved but because she is very generous, caring, and highly active. Rhea is always willing to help out anyone in need. Many call her “Mama Rhea” because she has a big heart. I’ve notice that she is great with time management and highly detail oriented which is a benefit because who ever she works with indicates they will be putting in a lot of time and commitment to making beneficial changes. Rhea has been dedicating her time to volunteer and schedule for move-in day, RA training and the Collegiate Leadership Conference. I cannot explain in words how amazing Rhea is and how the students react to her service and leadership within the halls and around campus. Rhea is always dedicated in hosting well rounded and social justice based programs. This OTM is an example of my gratitude to the work she has done with all her past residents and what she intends to do with her future residents.

Being a COUG is more then being kind and embracing the cougar community it’s about COUGS HELPING COUGS!!! Rhea is constantly trying to give back to the community in many ways. I don’t just see a good person who enjoys helping others… I see a leader willing to go above and beyond to help her community strive for progress. TO BE A COUG, IS TO BE YOU!


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