Month: July 2017


Student of the Month

School: Northern Illinois University Region: GLACURH
Nominee: Drew Bloomquist Nominator: Brant Beland

On-Campus Population: 4400 Chapter Size: 44

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

We all know Scooby Doo for a few memorable lines, but one of the less memorable lines that was said in the television show was, "There is a fine line between crazy and insane. I passed that line years ago." A lot of people can relate to those words, especially Drew Bloomquist, who has jumped miles beyond that point this year at Northern Illinois University (NIU). Drew has passed this line for all of the right reasons, and despite the toll it has taken on him, he will say it was worth it every time.

Drew has been very active in his time here at NIU, especially in the month of July. He served as the Programming Coordinator on the Residence Hall Association (RHA) Executive Board this past year. Aside from this, he is involved with organizations in his major and currently serves as a Summer Conference Assistant in the Residence Halls. Drew also takes summer classes, but this never will stop him from keeping a positive attitude and helping others out when they need it. Through his words and actions, Drew demonstrates what it means to be a leader on campus.

As a Summer Conference Assistant Drew has to deal with a variety of things, including staffing Residence Hall desks to helping camps check into the Halls. This can be an easy task or a nightmare depending on the day. A lot of roles have changed in this position over the summer and a lack of supervision and training has made this position difficult for Drew and others. This has not stopped him from working to help others and make the best out of the job. He is always one of the first people to offer advice, take shifts or aid others when they need it. This month especially has seen many issues because of the things noted before, but Drew has never stopped stepping up and dealing with issues as they arise.

Another thing that Drew has done is worked to plan RHA's annual event, Block Party. The Programming Coordinator (PC) normally plans this months in advance and hands it off over the summer to the next one, but the old PC stepped down leaving all his hard work to be forgotten. This did not stop him as we helped with the appointment of a new PC this month, as well as introducing him to the position and continuing to plan Block Party. Despite the many issues that continued to arise, Drew pushed through and is on the way to planning a very successful program.

I have personally known Drew since I came to NIU and I have worked with him in both capacities mentioned above. Despite being off the board, he has by far excelled in his position. There are no words to explain what he has done for these organizations, myself and others. Although he may be graduating next semester, he will never be forgotten because of what he has done at NIU and everything that he will do after.

So yes, Drew may be insane, and a little crazy at times, but he is insane in every way that makes him a better person. He is kind, caring and dedicated to the work that he does, and because of this, he has made a huge impact here on campus, not only this month, but in his time here. NIU would be a much different place without him and for that he deserves to be recognized. This is why I submit this Of the Month in honor of Drew for the month of July 2017.

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