Month: July 2017


Student Staff Member of the Month

School: University of Akron Region: CAACURH
Nominee: Lydia Brooks Nominator: Owen Lacey

On-Campus Population: 2,800 Chapter Size: 28

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Residence Hall Program Board at the University of Akron has had quite the busy month planning everything anticipating the arrival of the class of 2022, and Lydia Brooks has been at the eye of the storm since the beginning. Residence Hall Program Board (RHPB) is an organization at the University of Akron responsible for making on- campus students' experiences the best they can be during their first year and beyond. RHPB brings numerous fun events and entertainers to campus for the student body to enjoy. From comedians, hypnotists, singers, spoken-word artists, and beyond, RHPB really knows how to put on a great show freshmen won't soon forget.

Lydia Brooks is the current president of Residence Hall Program Board, and in my first year working in Residence Life and Housing, she has really blown me away with the sheer amount of planning, work, and passion she brings to our campus. Lydia has been able to handle a massive load of work this summer including an off-campus internship and babysitting on top of planning all the great events for the upcoming fall semester. Every time Lydia comes into the office, you know she's here before she even walks in the office door. She parades down the hallway proud to be the leading lady of a phenomenal organization on Akron's campus. Without RHPB and Lydia to run it the past 2 years, Akron's campus would never be the same.

This month, Lydia has had a tremendous weight on her shoulders to prepare for the upcoming activities and leadership speakers. One of the main focuses for Lydia currently is securing the information and planning with four leadership speakers to lead off the Emerging Leaders Program at the University of Akron. Lydia makes it a mission to personally contact, talk to, and share her experiences with each of these leadership talents in order to make the Emerging Leaders' experiences next to none in the country. Her diligent work with these leaders shows her dedication not only to the Emerging Leaders Program, but also to Residence Hall Program Board. RHPB is responsible for making the EL experience the best it can be, and Lydia's work with these leaders shows her great dedication.

The Emerging Leaders Program is a freshman leadership opportunity that gears many incoming freshmen toward larger opportunities on campus. The program serves to teach each Emerging Leader more about themselves and what they believe their true leadership goals are for the future of themselves or their organizations. The upperclassmen involved with this phenomenal program mainly come from RHPB, and again, Lydia takes the reigns to ensure the leadership lessons and experience these freshmen receive is an one-in-a-million opportunity.

Lydia also works to make living on campus the best decision that the boundless numbers of freshmen and upperclassmen have made. Throughout this month, Lydia and RHPB have been working to put together Welcome Bags for each individual living in a residence hall during the fall semester to welcome them and make them feel at home in Akron. Lydia worked constantly with many providers and co- workers for shirt orders, cups, lanyards, and many other informational papers to make sure these new residents were welcomed with arms open and in a seemless transition from home. Along with these bags, Lydia and I have been attending many of the New Student Orientation events for incoming freshmen attending UA in the fall in order to promote Residence Hall Program Board. She talks to everyone interested with great enthusiasm making sure they know they are welcome to UA.

Overall, Lydia has done phenomenal welcoming these new students to our ever-growing campus.

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