Month: August 2017


Executive Board Member of the Month

School: California State University, Fullerton Region: PACURH
Nominee: Brittany Wolfe Nominator: Andy Garate

On-Campus Population: 2000 Chapter Size: 20

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Leadership. Vision. Authenticity.

Those are the three values that Brittany Wolfe has brought Cal State Fullerton's Resident Student Association (RSA) as President. Our RSA at CSUF is that of a typical 'RHA' in which there are numerous executive board positions, each with their own duties and expectations that are taxing in the early months.

On arriving to campus at the start of this academic year, Brittany was faced with starting her term as president with a mostly vacant executive board. 4 vacant positions including Vice President, NCC, Marketing, and Programs Director. Her executive board members that were elected, have little to no leadership experience and were excited to follow her lead.

Serving as Brittany's advisor, I could tell that she was nervous but on the first day of training she looked at this uphill battle with a smile and was ready to get to work.

This month, we were expected to do numerous events to begin the year. Multiple presentations for RA Training and Housing Orientation Week in which Brittany went on full recruitment mode in getting students excited about the opportunities RSA can provide. RSA was also tasked with their signature Orientation Weekend Brunch in which Brittany was able to pump her two Executive Board Members in to getting out there and speaking to folks about what RSA actually does. All culminating in the first RSA meeting of the year which was a large info night where Brittany continued to exceed expectations. Which leads me in the specifics in how she exemplified these three qualities:

Leadership - Brittany and I sat down early on and laid out all of the expectations that RSA need to complete in the month of August. I explained that there was a lot of things to do and not enough people power to complete them. Confidently she explained to me that "we'll find a way". Brittany was in RSA her first year and served as an RA for two years and is finishing her leadership cycle as President. Through that she was able to wrangle multiple people to support. She inspired previous RSA's to come help decorate, she asked those who served in positions to support and propelled her two executive board members to the front so they can make sure to get face time with the incoming students. This all happened at our signature brunch in which over 1,000 students attended and our executive board was able to make individual connections with 300 students!

Vision - Brittany has an incredible visionary mind when it comes to event planning and brand marketing. She came up with the theme for the year in which her entire executive board aligned with: "Be a Voice, Not an Echo". As president she's really determined to make RSA more than a programming board and bring advocacy to CSUF. She is able to articulate these visions during our RA training in August and it translated with our opening day marketing and recruitment flyers.

Authenticity - Lastly, Brittany has been herself through and through. She came back to RSA because she genuinely cares about the student experience. But she has not been afraid to express her nervousness throughout events and her vulnerability when it comes to sharing her emotions. The executive board have since rallied behind her and supported her in these times. Telling her that they believe in her vision and want to follow her lead. I've seen her express a humble gratitude towards her team and I truly believe this month she has excelled above any student leader I've seen in the role of president.

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